Weight Graphing and Finding Patterns

In my seven or eight year journey of weight loss, not once did I ever thing to graph my weight and look for patterns.

After listening to a previous episode of the Half-Size Me podcast, they introduced me to weight graphing. Now don’t get me wrong, I plug my weigh-ins in my Weight Watchers app and I look at it planted on a map. But I never looked for patterns.

In the interview I was listening to, the lady said she usually didn’t have much movement, maybe a half a pound for the first three weeks of a month, but then by week four, had a big loss. It was like clockwork for her.

Moving forward I’m going to try to find my own patterns. There are some I’ve noticed, such as usually the first couple week of a month I don’t have much progress, but I had never put much thought in it. I will now and will keep up with progress!