Weight Loss Podcasts and What I’ve Learned So Far

Lately I’ve enjoyed finding weight loss podcasts to listen to that will help me stay on track. Some of the new favorite ones include:

From the podcasts I’ve learned a few key things. Well, let’s not say learned because these are all things I know. Just things I need to focus on:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress, but rather where you are in your own progress and where you have been.
  • Do you want the pain of discipline? Or regret?
  • Avoid preservatives in foods (I know this, it’s just hard financially right now to shop at a specialty grocery store or in the natural aisle…I know–do I want to pay for it now, or later in my health?)

That first bullet really hits home. I get really caught up when other people compare their progress and they are in a much better situation than I am in their journey. It’s like a dagger to the chest. “Why can’t I just do it?” I always wonder. “Why do I always let myself down?” I think I’m going to really have to start tuning out all the noise around me and not take it personally when others share their success or failures that are beyond mine.

Then the second bullet I think is a great saying I need to start carrying with me. I feel better when I eat healthier. But then at times I get busy, we have a late night and I just bomb. Or I want to eat emotionally, happy or sad, which causes me to bomb. That needs to stop.

I also bomb because of others. Others saying to eat badly, or encouraging nights out or put me in situations where I go too long without food in which I get a headache.

I need to learn how to filter out the noise better…say no more often… because I need to make myself priority No. 1 in order to get where I want to be.

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