A Smile Goes a Long Way

We are so busy in this life. We get into our head. It’s realistic and will always happen.

But sometimes I think we get too much in our own heads and don’t realize the people around that are just that: People. 

People have feelings. People have their own personal issues and things they are dealing with as we are dealing with the hustling and bustling of life. 

Perhaps the person in front of you driving 15 miles under the speed limit is driving you crazy, but what if that person was in a serious accident last week and this was their first time back on the road? And you’re tailgating? Making their anxiety go through the roof? 

I really try hard to keep the bigger picture in mind. I’m not perfect and there are some days where I’m so overwhelmed that it’s easier just to go in my box and close the flaps.

A couple months ago I was at a Kmart after running errands and was just very frustrated. It wasn’t a great day. I ran in for one thing and ended up having my hands full. As I walked up to the one register that was open, trying hard not to struggle with the cat litter and windshield wiper fluid in my hands, this couple beat me to the register….with a cart full of stuff. 

In my mind for that split second I was screaming inside because I just wanted to go. My arms were getting shaky. 

Then they looked at me, smiled and then said, “please go ahead!” 

That actually turned around my whole day over something so small. Just a simple gesture. Act of kindness. 

In instances like this or when that person that gives me a smile or has patience with me when I’m struggling means a lot. 

Pay it forward. Even just a smile can go a long way.

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