IT Cosmetics Face Duo

Over the last year and a half or so I have discovered IT Cosmetics and it’s quickly become my new favorite brand. It all started with their CC+ lip serum and I’ve since branched out. A month ago I was looking to try a new CC cream and ended up picking up two things to […]

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Shonda Rhimes Does it Again

SPOILERS When Dexter threw Deb into the water and sailed off into the sea then became a miserable lumberjack I had this huge pit in my stomach of anger and sadness. When Jesse lived in Breaking Bad and Walter White ended up ending everything for himself, I was a mess–but Jesse did live. When House […]

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A Smile Goes a Long Way

We are so busy in this life. We get into our head. It’s realistic and will always happen. But sometimes I think we get too much in our own heads and don’t realize the people around that are just that: People.  People have feelings. People have their own personal issues and things they are dealing […]

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