IT Cosmetics Face Duo

Over the last year and a half or so I have discovered IT Cosmetics and it’s quickly become my new favorite brand. It all started with their CC+ lip serum and I’ve since branched out. A month ago I was looking to try a new CC cream and ended up picking up two things to try.

“Feel the Moment” Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating SeIT Cosmeticsnsory Awakening Primer Serum

That’s a mouth full! I was looking for a good primer and decided to try this because it had additional benefits instead of just applying before I put my makeup on. This serum can be used before applying makeup or even at night. I’ve been trying to use it twice a day. Not much is needed and since I’ve been using it have noticed an even-ness to my skin. My skin hasn’t looked so tired and dry. You simply apply and then wait one to two minutes to allow it to dry before applying makeup, night cream, etc. When used before putting makeup on, I’ve noticed the CC+ cream goes on much more smoothly.

“Your Skin but Better” CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

I had been wanting to switch to an anti-aging CC cream and thought IT Cosmetics would be the perfect brand. Their “Your Skin but Better”¬†CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream immediately caught my eye especially having SPF 50+ protection. I have super fair skin so this is perfect for me. Although I think more people should pay attention because we all need to protect our skin from the sun. Similar to the serum, not much is needed. It has a notch that helps you portion and I usually put just a few dabs over my face then it easily blends in. I love how smooth it is and it isn’t cakey. I also appreciate that it is hydrating as I have dry skin. The more I have used it, the better I feel my skin is on my face and I look forward to seeing the long term results from it.

Where to Find

These items and other IT Cosmetics products can be found at Ulta Beauty or on the IT Cosmetics website.

Shonda Rhimes Does it Again


When Dexter threw Deb into the water and sailed off into the sea then became a miserable lumberjack I had this huge pit in my stomach of anger and sadness. When Jesse lived in Breaking Bad and Walter White ended up ending everything for himself, I was a mess–but Jesse did live. When House and Wilson rode off into the sunset on their motorcycles, I was melancholy because it was over.

Okay…maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

I get emotionally invested into shows. I’m not the biggest TV watcher on the planet, but my husband and I definitely get invested in television.Grey's Anatomy

That being said….

Grey’s Anatomy.

I have tried to give up on this show multiple times but ironically my husband won’t let me. From the many people that have suffered by the wrath of Shonda Rhimes, or the relationships that have ended, it’s been too much. Never has a writer grabbed my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. After all she killed Mr. Feeney. FEENEY!

If you’re a Grey’s watcher, Mark and Lexi was big for me. I was ready to be done with the show then. But he kept me going.

And then last night happened.

I was expecting something dramatic all day, as there was all of the hype on the inter webs…many of which by ABC themselves.

I’ve been aware Patrick Dempsey was ready to leave the show and hadn’t signed a long term contract, but just one for two years.

I’ve also been aware he’s been on Shonda’s shit list for being a “diva.” (Pardon my French).

Grey's AnatomyShonda Rhimes does an excellent job at sucking you in until the very end. With her shows, it’s not over until it’s over.

And then she killed Derek Shepherd probably 45 minutes into the episode.

I felt like it was just an awful way to end it. She (yes, I’ll say all her) had him hit by a truck in such a irresponsible way reaching for his phone while stopped in the middle of the road. I feel like Derek wouldn’t do that, he’s too smart to do that, especially after saving two cars of people from a serious car accident.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, he was brought to a hospital that seemed like such a dump with one of the doctors messing up, and a neurosurgeon being an hour and 20 minutes late while on call, and that killed him.

“I’m going to die because these people aren’t properly trained” he said as he narrated his own death (of course).

And then that was it.

The police picked up Meredith late at night. She brings her two young children to the hospital and has to tell the doctors everything after they have her sit down to sign the papers to take him off life support.

I thought maybe he was going to take one last breath that brought him back or Meredith was going to think of something to save him when “Chasing Cars” starts playing.

The acoustic version.

The version that means Shonda Rhimes is basically going to take your heart out of your chest, stab it, stomp on it and shred it into pieces. And then stomp on it some more. With middle fingers in the air. Laughing.

Mer (yeah, Mer) takes him off life support after telling the doctor to wait so she can tell him he can go. Oh, without a great montage of all of the big moments of their relationship.

Grey's AnatomyHe takes one last deep breath.

And with that, Derek Shepherd is gone.

I’m fine if he wanted to leave. Patrick Dempsey. It’s been 10 years, I can understand wanting a new gig, spend time with his children or whatever he wants to do with his time.

BUT THIS WAY? It just was too cold.

I know, I’m probably going overboard. But I’ve been on this train for probably nine years. That’s a long time. I’m emotionally invested. And I think it’s time I get off this roller coaster because I just can’t handle the wrath of Shonda anymore.

RIP Derek Shepherd.

Weight Graphing and Finding Patterns

In my seven or eight year journey of weight loss, not once did I ever thing to graph my weight and look for patterns.

After listening to a previous episode of the Half-Size Me podcast, they introduced me to weight graphing. Now don’t get me wrong, I plug my weigh-ins in my Weight Watchers app and I look at it planted on a map. But I never looked for patterns.

In the interview I was listening to, the lady said she usually didn’t have much movement, maybe a half a pound for the first three weeks of a month, but then by week four, had a big loss. It was like clockwork for her.

Moving forward I’m going to try to find my own patterns. There are some I’ve noticed, such as usually the first couple week of a month I don’t have much progress, but I had never put much thought in it. I will now and will keep up with progress!

Weight Loss Podcasts and What I’ve Learned So Far

Lately I’ve enjoyed finding weight loss podcasts to listen to that will help me stay on track. Some of the new favorite ones include:

From the podcasts I’ve learned a few key things. Well, let’s not say learned because these are all things I know. Just things I need to focus on:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress, but rather where you are in your own progress and where you have been.
  • Do you want the pain of discipline? Or regret?
  • Avoid preservatives in foods (I know this, it’s just hard financially right now to shop at a specialty grocery store or in the natural aisle…I know–do I want to pay for it now, or later in my health?)

That first bullet really hits home. I get really caught up when other people compare their progress and they are in a much better situation than I am in their journey. It’s like a dagger to the chest. “Why can’t I just do it?” I always wonder. “Why do I always let myself down?” I think I’m going to really have to start tuning out all the noise around me and not take it personally when others share their success or failures that are beyond mine.

Then the second bullet I think is a great saying I need to start carrying with me. I feel better when I eat healthier. But then at times I get busy, we have a late night and I just bomb. Or I want to eat emotionally, happy or sad, which causes me to bomb. That needs to stop.

I also bomb because of others. Others saying to eat badly, or encouraging nights out or put me in situations where I go too long without food in which I get a headache.

I need to learn how to filter out the noise better…say no more often… because I need to make myself priority No. 1 in order to get where I want to be.

A Smile Goes a Long Way

We are so busy in this life. We get into our head. It’s realistic and will always happen.

But sometimes I think we get too much in our own heads and don’t realize the people around that are just that: People. 

People have feelings. People have their own personal issues and things they are dealing with as we are dealing with the hustling and bustling of life. 

Perhaps the person in front of you driving 15 miles under the speed limit is driving you crazy, but what if that person was in a serious accident last week and this was their first time back on the road? And you’re tailgating? Making their anxiety go through the roof? 

I really try hard to keep the bigger picture in mind. I’m not perfect and there are some days where I’m so overwhelmed that it’s easier just to go in my box and close the flaps.

A couple months ago I was at a Kmart after running errands and was just very frustrated. It wasn’t a great day. I ran in for one thing and ended up having my hands full. As I walked up to the one register that was open, trying hard not to struggle with the cat litter and windshield wiper fluid in my hands, this couple beat me to the register….with a cart full of stuff. 

In my mind for that split second I was screaming inside because I just wanted to go. My arms were getting shaky. 

Then they looked at me, smiled and then said, “please go ahead!” 

That actually turned around my whole day over something so small. Just a simple gesture. Act of kindness. 

In instances like this or when that person that gives me a smile or has patience with me when I’m struggling means a lot. 

Pay it forward. Even just a smile can go a long way.