Yo Yo and Finding Balance

A week and a half ago I saw a post on Facebook from a local news anchor, Lauren Lowery from WISH TV, reaching out to see if anyone struggled with yo-yo dieting. I responded not interested in being part of the story, but giving an idea. An angle. Perhaps it was the journalist in me and I had a story and wanted to share the idea.

Lauren responded that I was exactly what she was looking for and I had to make the decision whether or not I wanted to do this.

A group of my co-workers are a very strong influence to keep me on track and work so hard themselves so I reached out to see if anyone would be interested in doing the story with me, and my co-worker Rachel would. She’s a huge inspiration for me as she had lost 100 pounds in the past and works hard to maintain and like me, has also yo-yo dieted over the years.

It felt good to not have to do the story alone.

I’ll be honest, I was dreading seeing myself on camera. I’m not in a place where I’m happy with the way I look. That’s a personal struggle. Something only I am in charge of. I knew that I’m not the only one that feels this way and struggling with fluctuating weight, which is really what motivated me to just do the story.

Lauren was wonderful and it was a great interview.

After the interview I knew it would air the next week and all I could think about were superficial things. I’m not looking my best and I didn’t want people in my past or current friends or family to think I looked bad. And of course I know the people that love me wouldn’t feel that way, but I’m a human being and that’s just what I thought.

Thinking back though, since early college my weight has been a struggle. I just wasn’t paying attention to myself for six months or a year and a few other things factored in and my body just went out of whack. And ever since, so let’s say for the last seven or eight years, I’m constantly yo-yoing. I’ll do good for a few months and then take a break when life gets busy.

I’ve done so many things from cleanses and crash diets to spending more money than I should have on exercise equipment when I could have just gone outside. At the end of the day what works for me is Weight Watchers. When I stick with it, it works. I respond better to focusing on carbs, protein, fiber and fat intake rather than calories.

Being a part of this story taught me a few things, actually.

Lauren interviewed NiCole Keith, an exercise physiologist in Indianapolis. To quote Lauren,

“Keith points out it can take months – or years – to change your body’s chemistry as it deals with processing fat.”

Interesting. I’ve noticed there is a weight I come back to. It usually doesn’t exceed it. It’s not a good one, and I just figured that’s when I freak out and go in to hard core losing mode. But maybe my body thinks that is what I need to weigh.

I thought/think this yo-yoing (which I know is VERY BAD) would be my life. Honestly. I’ve been scared that this will be the rest of my life…. up and down and up and down. Loving the way I look, then months later falling off the wagon and envying that size two that I’ll never be with the great legs.

My problem is I’m not realistic. I will most likely not be a size two unless for some magical reason money comes into my future and I can have someone cook for me and having hours upon hours to spend exercising.

Nope, I’m a normal person, hustling so hard at the moment to reach some personal goals, and I have to learn to make my weight loss and maintenance a top priority within all of that.

Thanks to this story, it gives me hope that if I can just hang in there for a couple years…this might not be such a struggle after all.

Sadly, a few men commented on the article making it seem like people just need to eat right and excercise to solve the problem. For starters, they clearly didn’t pay attention or watch/read the story. Second, sometimes for some people it’s just not that easy. Our body, DNA, hormones, etc. makes it harder. For some, sure, it’s a matter of needing to put in more effort. But that isn’t anyone.

It’s never okay to judge people along their journey. Which is even hard for me, especially when people smaller than me talk about how they look. But it’s their journey. Whatever they feel comfortable with.

Just remember while I might be your goal, someone else is my goal – so on and so on. Each person has their own struggles and by supporting each other instead of putting down, we can all really help each other.

Click here to watch the story and if you are a yo-yo dieter, post about your journey below! Is this story news, or something you were aware of?



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