So I Finally Got Contacts…

contactsTen years ago I had perfect vision. And then I graduated from high school and was staring at a computer screen all the time and it magically just got worse. Things far away got blurrier and blurrier.

About five or six years ago I got my first pair of glasses. It was wonderful! I could see far away again! The problem was, I didn’t need them all the time and felt weird wearing them here and there. So I didn’t. I mostly wore them when I drove and it’s been that way since. Somedays I would wear them while running errands, but another problem I had was they would often give me a headache. But now, sometimes being in big wide open spaces where I look far and it’s blurry, that would give me a headache too! With an upcoming work trip coming up to a conference in California, I knew I needed something and decided to see if I could try contacts. Gulp.

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in probably two or three years and had to go to a new one since the old one didn’t accept my new vision insurance. It was a 10 minute walk from my apartment so that was nice, and so was everyone there!

During my eye exam the good news was my eyes hadn’t got to much worse and the doctor said I could definitely get contacts. She wanted me to start with daily contacts and then later I can change my mind, but for now, daily is how she wanted me to go. (Dispose at the end of the day as opposed to storing them and wearing the same pair multiple times).

I was surprised how easy I could get them in. I suppose I can thank all those fuzzies, eyelashes, tiny hairs and make-up particles getting into my eyes because I’m not afraid to touch my eye at all. I was able to get the right contact in after one try but I can tell the left one will be a challenge. That eye’s vision is a little worse too–we’ll just call that one “trouble.” It took probably five tries to get it in “trouble” comfortably. But I got it!

As soon as I left I COULD SEE! I could see close! I could see far! No headache.

Originally I thought I might wear the contacts like glasses, so only when I need them, but after a couple days I think I would like to wear them all the time.

So if you’re considering contacts, I highly recommend giving them a try! I’m glad I did!

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