Wedding Help: Go Local

My husband and I got married over a year ago and I’m starting to realize some things I did made things so much easier for us during planning. I’d like to share those in a mini-series called “Wedding Help.” 

wedding local vendorsWhen it came to choosing vendors, I went local. It was hands down the best decision I could have made.


The level of service was amazing. Each of the vendors from the dress store to the florist made me feel as though I was the only customer. Even better, they gave me amazing pricing.

I have been in a wedding and we got our dresses from one of the “big box” stores. There were so many rules. They were rude. They were not flexible. We were just a number.

With my dress vendor, they took the time to help me with my dress, did alterations up until the night of (literally) and the person that did the alterations came the day of the wedding to help me get into the dress because it had a corset back.

For my flowers, they made the process easy and coordinated everything with the venue that day and I did not have a single thing to worry about.

These are two examples, but my DJ, party favor vendor, etc. were wonderful. It meant a lot to someone scrambling to put together wedding plans to not have to worry about those small things. They took care of it for me. I can’t speak for all local businesses, but I feel pretty confident in saying you will probably have a great experience. It’s definitely an avenue worth exploring during wedding planning.

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