Is Matte the Next Thing in Nails?

matte nail polishI’m a fan of Zoya nail polish, it’s my go-to, and noticed on their website and in Ulta, I was finding more matte colors.

I purchased about six mini nail polishes awhile ago and picked a matte one to see what it was like!

Originally I wasn’t sure if I would like it, just because lately I’ve been into sparkly (“pixie dust“) or shiny polishes.

I was surprised with the matte. It went on smooth and it starts off shiny and as it dries it gets the matte look.

I usually put on a couple coats.

If you buy the matte and decide you don’t like it, just take clear nail polish top coat and paint it on and voila–you’ve got your shine back.

The color I used was called “Posh” and you can find it on Zoya’s website.

Zoya matte nail polish

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