Easiest Way to Cook Spaghetti Squash

I like making spaghetti squash, it’s healthy, but it’s always such a pain to prepare. I’m always afraid I’m going to chop off a finger, hand or something trying to get that thing cut in half. And then it’s so hard to scrape out the middle. The way I had been doing it would take me at least a half hour to prepare. Then cook. Well yesterday I was looking around online and found a great way to do it from Rachel Ray’s website that was so easy.


spaghetti squashTake your spaghetti squash and add a few slits to it. Or, if you’re like me, you can do it all around the whole thing.

Place the spaghetti squash in your slow cooker with one cup of water.

Cook on high for three to four hours, or low for six to eight hours.

Once cooked, take it out of the slow cooker. After it’s had a little bit of time to cool down, it cuts right in half without any trouble. Then just scrape out the middle with seeds. You really only have to do it a couple times on each side. From there, you can easily fork out the strands and away you go! You’ll have ready-to-go spaghetti squash in less than five minutes.

Good Add and Weight Watcher’s Points

spaghetti squashI recently found Hunt’s tomato sauce with oregano, basil and garlic which is a great way to quickly whip up something with your spaghetti squash.

Lately I’ve been cooking spaghetti squash in my slow cooker, then mixing it with a little bit of chicken that I’ve diced up and put a little garlic on and the Hunt’s tomato sauce. Whatever I have been doing says it’s zero Weight Watcher’s points. I’m currently just going to test and see if it hinders me losing any weight. If I can lose, this is a great lunch option!