Here’s To a Better Me in 2015

I had so many goals in 2014. And then the year literally flip flopped on me and my only goal became just getting through it. I have, pretty successfully I think, but now I just need to get some of the things I needed to get this year done. Plus a few other things. So here goes, the cliche New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe having them published somewhere will hold me to them a little more. Maybe I’ll follow up on them, I used to do that. Whatever I do, I know I must do these three things for myself this year.

Lose the Weight

Enough is enough. I know what to do. I don’t even really have a certain weight I want to be, I just want to feel better. I use Weight Watchers and when I follow it, it works. I hate exercising but it’s only 30-60 minutes of my day, it’s just needing to take the time to just do it. Maybe I workout twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Maybe I should start making a ton of food for the week on Sunday and just dedicating that whole day to preparing for the week and anything that might stray me off course.

I definitely have weaknesses. When there are a lot of events or things for me to do during the week, it’s hard for me to stay on track. When I’m tired or hungry I trip up. When I finally start losing weight and people tell me I’m fine and don’t need to do anything, it’s discouraging. I just don’t like the way I look right now and I want to do something about it. For me.  I need to just tune everything out, suck it up and do it.

Get Better with my Hair

Over the last few years I’ve really got a beauty routine down that I love. I have staples in my makeup bag and for the most part know how to handle my skin that works best for me. But then there is my hair. I know what shampoo and conditioner works best for me, Oribe, but it’s expensive. So I have two options: Save my money and add that into my beauty routine, or, find something that’s similar that’s cheaper. I’ve been looking for that something cheaper all year. Nothing quite compares.

Then also, I need to get it trimmed regularly. I need to rotate that into my budget as well. Get my color touched up. Those things.

I also don’t do much with my hair. I’m impatient. Always have been. I learn my routines and stick with them because for some reason it’s hard to re-do anything with my hair when I mess it up. So it’s easier to straighten it, or put some curl to it. I need to learn how to add more volume, tease, etc. I know it’s all really just time and having the patience. So hopefully in 365 days I can at least do something new with my hair.

Better Myself Financially

Ever since I was 16 and got a license, I became financially responsible for myself. For the most part. I mean yeah, my parents helped me, but I had to get my own car insurance, pay for my gas, pay for my cell phone, etc. My mom definitely bought me things here and there, but from that point, I bought my own things. It was a good lesson to teach me to appreciate things. Work for them.

So I’ve never been one to just not care about money. I still even use an app that works like a checkbook ledger or whatever those were called to track my spending. I don’t rely on what the bank website says. I do a lot of good things but I know I can do better. I definitely want to just be in a better place financially in a year. So I’ll be looking more into that in 2015.

Here’s to meeting our goals in 2015.

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