LED Candles: Great Safe Alternative

LED candles

The two candles on each side of the table are LED!

As I was walking through TJ Maxx the other day I saw a box of LED candles that can go on a four our timer.

My attention was caught.

I picked up a four pack and immediately found places for them around our apartment. Just a couple AA batteries and away we went.

The LED candles are perfect because I can leave them going, leave the room or even leave the house. And even though I trust my cat with candles,┬ábut there’s always the chance she might knock something over.

For you, you might have kids, pets, etc. With the LEDs, there aren’t any worries. Especially if you get ones with a timer because then you can just forget about them but they just add a little bit more to your room. I highly recommend! Plus you can find them anywhere now, so keep an eye out and give them a try if you’re looking for a candle alternative.