Holiday Nail Polish Colors from Zoya

Zoya Winter Nail PolishIntro on Zoya

Before I go over the package I received in the mail today, I think I’d like to make it official that Zoya is my favorite nail polish. OPI you are in a CLOSE second and Essie, I’m really sorry I haven’t tried you yet but plan to. But Zoya, you’re it for me.

I love Zoya because it stays on so long before chipping. Unless I’m cleaning or doing something that involves some roughness on my nails, I can get Zoya to stay on a good four to five days before chipping is involved. And then when it does chip, it’s not overly drastic. Not chipping is what’s important to me.

But if a product being natural is important to you, they are a good nail polish to add into your rotation. Creators Zoya and Michael Reyzis made this product to be “the first working fast drying topcoat and longest wearing, toxin free natural nail polish,” according to their website. I’ll say it does dry fairly quickly which is also definitely a bonus.

Zoya Nail PolishFall/Winter Colors

Zoya has great sales and incentives to get customers to buy. It’s why I became a customer. A couple times a year they will give nail polishes away for free if you pay shipping. Or recently they had a promotion for five mini bottles for $20. But the mini bottles aren’t too small and they will last me a long time. And in fact when you see the photo, you’ll see I bought six. I couldn’t choose. Normally their prices are $8-$10 per bottle depending where you go.

In my most recent order I chose the colors with descriptions in parenthesis if you’d like to find them online (click the links):

When you’re browsing their website, you’ll see many that say “pixie dust” which is their line that includes glitter within the polish. I’m no beauty expert but I just love it for winter. I feel it’s a good shimmer that’s perfect for the season.

They have also come out with a matte line, which I haven’t tried yet but am very excited about. Stay tuned because I’ll definitely share my thoughts when I use it. But I’ve never used a matte nail polish before and am looking forward to this one.

Also, Zoya gives you some freebies with your purchase that help you learn about other colors, but one of the things in my recent order included directions to different nail art. I wish I would have found that before I attempted polka dots on my nails. I definitely have intentions to try some of the things in the book, including the picture above.

Zoya Nail PolishDeals

Whenever you read this post, if you’d like to buy, go to first and check for deals. There’s a 50 percent chance you’ve got an opportunity to save some money or get some things for free.

I follow them on Instagram and that’s where I’m introduced to a lot of deals. They also have a blog that includes deals, articles and more too. They are on all the social media networks so feel free to follow on the network of your choice.

And no, Zoya hasn’t paid me for this blog. I’m just that big of a fan.

Plus, if you’re trying to find a great beauty buy gift for someone in your life, definitely give them a shot.


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