Getting Sick? This Stops It! …For Me

cold remedyGetting sick is the worst. You can’t quite stop what’s going on in your life either with certain types of sicknesses. And people are mad if you don’t go to work because then they have to do your work, but then they’re mad when you come to work sneezing and coughing because you’re spreading your nasty germs all over everything.

Then there is poor you because you can’t help it. You didn’t choose to get sick. You accidentally touched the wrong door handle or some random person sneezed in your presence and you caught the bug.

I hate being sick and this year I discovered something that really has helped me avoid being full blown sick the last two times I thought I was going to be: Zinc.

Duh! We drink Emergen-C and try Airborne, but in August I thought I was getting sick and went to a local drug store (Walgreens) and tried this off brand “Zinc Cold Therapy.”

It’s this dissolvable capsule you take and it’s been a miracle worker for me. It says you can take it every three hours but I have to take it after a meal otherwise it makes me a little queasy, so I just take one three times a day after I eat.


So next time you think you’re getting sick, at least give this a try! Immediately. The moment you realize things might hit the fan, just pick something like this up and get it started. Take it regularly. Drink a lot of water. It might help you out quite a bit. Or maybe not at all. But it’s better than not trying at all and getting sick.

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