Short Stories from a Cruise: Hold Your Nose, Tilt Your Head and Blow

flyingThe week of October 20 through 24, my husband and I went on a cruise with three of the seven kids in my mom’s family. This is a part of just a collection of short stories from the trip. Enjoy. 

I have mixed feelings about flying. While I love the efficiency, the thought of being in something that is a million pounds flying in the air that could just plummet at any second scares me a bit once I fasten my seatbelt. I don’t have any anxiety until that moment and then my heart races and my hands get clammy. Then every scary and imaginable tragic situation runs through my head from running full speed into something during takeoff and the or jets exploding to just falling out of the sky. Morbid much?

Now I do know that it is more likely to get into a car accident or have a hurricane in Indiana than the plane to malfunction. I just fear of being that 0.01 percent.

For this trip we had to fly from Indy to Chicago, and then Chicago to New Orleans to board our cruise.

The flight to Chicago wasn’t too bad, but from Chicago to New Orleans? Eh, not so fabulous.

Once we were in the middle of the flight it seemed like everyone was complaining because their ears weren’t popping and it was painful. Some more than others–my mom and husband especially. I noticed my mom had been talking to the man next to her for a bit and then he noticed my husband in some pretty excruciating pain too.

“Do your ears hurt?” he asked in his thick southern accent. “Badly,” my husband said. Or something along those lines.

The man explained he was a pilot and the plane wasn’t pressurizing correctly which lead to some pretty severe pain in many of the passengers, himself included.

He told them to plug their nose and tilt their heads the direction opposite of the ear that was in pain and blow. (So the ear that’s in pain faces up). That seemed to really help relieve for them.

The pilot then added for us to pick up some Afrin nasal spray to take that night which would help, otherwise there was a chance the cruise could be ruined.

My husband had something similar to Afrin he used, but it sounded like the pilot’s trick was able to help make the next few days easier.

The more you know.

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