DryBar’s Happy Hour Shampoo and Conditioner

drybar shampoo and conditionerAs I’ve stated, I have fine hair. Really fine hair. My hair is very finicky and some shampoos and conditioners can really weigh my hair down. Over the years I’ve learned anything with “volumizing” or “moisturizing” aren’t so great for those of us with this kind of hair. Oribe Ultra Gentle is still my favorite all-time shampoo and conditioner but after using the DryBar Happy Hour for a couple weeks…so far, so good!

I stumbled on DryBar’s shampoo and conditioner while in Sephora. I had a gift card that I intended to just use for body wash and walked out with the shampoo and conditioner too. DryBar caught my eye because I had gone to one of their New York locations a few years ago and year about them often on a radio station I listen to.

The two I like most are the Blowout shampoo and the Weightless conditioner.

What I like about them is they don’t weigh my hair down and have actually given some life to it. I’ve start to try to side swoop my bangs over more and it’s been working out much more easily.

It feels clean, light and fluffy. It also styles very easily again compared to the other stuff I had been using.

On the bottle they specifically call out that they will not weigh down hair and they are sulfate free. Two major pluses for me.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great solution for fine hair, this one definitely makes my list. I’m sure there are much better out there, but I do really like this set.

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