Weight Watchers, You’ve Got Me For Life

weight lossUp and down and up and down. Over the last six or so years I’ve been bouncing back and forth with the same ten pounds. Some more, some less. I’m fully aware yo-yo dieting is bad. I never mean to. I just love food. I love wine. Food makes me happy.

In my early 20s I gained a ton of weight without realizing it. There may have been a bit of a thyroid issue going on too, but eventually evened itself out.

I think the first time I tried Weight Watchers was about three or four years ago after I hit a wall. I’d done everything from diet pills to South Beach and none of it worked. For some reason counting carbs, protein, fiber and fat worked for my body type of calorie counting.

Since then I would do really well, then go back up. That’s been my story for years and I’d hoped to get it all off for good this year. I have just over three months left and I still have time.

I cancelled my Weight Watchers subscription a few months ago because I hadn’t been using the app and was paying $20 a month. I knew what I needed to do and thought I could pull it off by using MyFitnessPal–which is a great app.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. My husband and I had a fun summer of late nights with lots of drinks together and now here I am feeling back at square one. I’ve had so many new starts it’s ridiculous and I’m so angry with myself. But I always know I can keep things as is, or pick up and keep moving.

At lunch recently it hit me I needed to bite the bullet, pay the money to have it reinstated. Why? Because when I follow it, it works. It’s also extremely easy to use.

I’m going on a cruise with my family in less than a month, and if I can follow the plan diligently for the next month, I will be in a good place. I’ve had a lot of events lately with friends, which I love, but I think for the next month I need to take a break from everything. I need to focus on me; exercise and eating right. It’s crunch time. I have to take care of myself. Here goes. I hope in 28 days to report back that this has gone well. If not, I’ll be calling my doctor. So thanks for taking me back Weight Watchers…I can always count on you.

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