Beauty Review: What The Frizz?

I have flyaways. I have frizz. I have damaged hair thanks to all the heat I use. Mix that in with fine hair and sometimes it’s just a disaster. Here are a few of the products I use to try to manage it, please share your solutions in the comments!

John Freida Frizz-Ease

On the bottle, this products says it “instantly camouflages imperfections, leaves dull, dry hair shiny soft and supple. This is an item you use on dry hair. I use this to try to tame the top of my hair when I have a ton of little frizzes sticking up. I just rub it in my hands and put it on top to smooth everything out. Because of my fine hair, if I use too much I run the risk of it looking greasy, so I can only use a little bit. It tames them down, although they tend to pop back up after some time.

TRESemme Anti-Frizz Secret 

This is actually my husband’s but I steal it quite a bit. He uses it daily along with pomade and it keeps his hair frizz free and in place for the day. For me, I use it the same way as the Frizz-Ease. It’s a cream though, so it’s different than the frizz-ease. It’s not as thick and it’s a little smoother. I can put a little more of this in my hair and it keeps the frizzes down for a bit.

John Freida Full Repair® Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer

This product comes in a mascara-like bottle, has a brush, and is fantastic. I love this product so much and I use it quite a bit as you can see the label has scratched off. This one bottle has probably lasted a couple years, so I’m sure I should have replaced it by now, but I kept using it. This is perfect for those annoying flyways because you can fix them directly. I wouldn’t recommend using a bunch across several strands because then it makes it wet and hard to fix. But it is perfect to fix one or two stands here and there. I highly recommend keeping this handy.

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