Beauty Review: Loreal Sleek It and Lock It

Recently I was looking for a new heat protectant spray and hair spray so I purchased Loreal’s Sleek It and Lock It to give a try.

“Sleek It” Heat Protectant Spray

Why I Picked It

This heat protectant spray stood out to me because it said it “iron straight heatspray.” To me I thought that might help keep my hair straight. Some of the other features and benefits listed on the bottle were:

  •  450 degree protection
  • Provides sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Calms frizz
  • Blocks humidity

How It Held Up

I have extremely fine hair so hair products really can make or break my look. When I put any heat protectant spray in my hair, as opposed to a cream, I usually spray it in my hands and put it directly on my hair to ensure I cover everything well.

The first time I used this product, I used quite a bit and after I blow dried it felt my hair was a little greasy, especially at the roots. My husband though said it looked really nice so perhaps I just felt it was that way. Since though, I have sprayed it on the top of my head and then rubbed it in my hands for the lower half to help my hair straighten better. I would say that it does!

I’m sure there are much better products out there, but if you’re looking for something on a budget, this was about $4.99. Check it out on Ulta’s website.

Lock It Hairspray

Why I Picked It

I wanted to pick a hairspray that was the same brand as the heat protectant spray and Loreal’s “Lock It” caught my eye because it said it was “weather control hairspray.” I live in the city and am constantly walking around outside. The last few hairsprays I purchased I liked, but I felt like they faded quickly. Some of the other features and benefits the bottle listed were:

  • Lightweight mist
  • Locks out humidity
  • Smooth style for 48 hours

How It Held Up

Overall I really like this hairspray. When any hairspray brand says “lightweight” though, I’m not sure what they mean. This hairspray has a pretty good hold. To describe it, let’s say I curl my hair under, put in the hairspray and then put a fan in my face–that entire section of my hair is going to be blowing in place, if that makes sense.

Usually I straighten my hair before work because it’s fast, but this week I’ve been curling it under with a blow dryer and round brush, then using this hairspray to lock it in. If I don’t use any type of hairspray my hair usually doesn’t hold the entire curl for a long duration of time.

Overall I think it really keep in the curl throughout the day. The picture below is of my hair after using this hairspray 13 hours ago. I’ve since brushed my hair too, so it’s brushed some of that tight hold out, but for my hair type, for it to still look this curled under, is really good.

I think this is a good hairspray to try if you’re looking for one on a budget. This one costs about $4.99. Check it out on Ulta’s website.

Loreal Lock It Hair Spray

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