Be a good person

I was having dinner this evening with a couple wonderful friends from college and we talked everything from political issues and religion. We’re all on the same page so it was a safe conversation for our group, being that these two things typically shouldn’t ever be brought up at a dinner table. Ever.

As we were talking about religion we all knew there was a base to them. Or most of them. At the end of the day they come down to one thing, really: Be a good person.

Just be a good person. Do good things. Have good intentions. Don’t push your beliefs on others but follow whatever you believe with all your heart. Have empathy. I don’t know how you can go wrong if you just try to be a good person. We’ll all make mistakes. But it’s how you work around those mistakes and use them to become a better person, not judge others and put them down or “pity” them because they don’t share your same beliefs. Because you know what? For the most part? The message amongst most religions is basically the same. Be good.

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