Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I had seen the posted image in a check-out line a month or two ago and immediately thought “wow, do people really believe this?” How unhealthy and unreasonable. Although I believe people honestly don’t know some things and I wanted to share to open people’s eyes.

We live in a “now now now, go go go” society. I’m guilty of it, I want results immediately. I have zero patience. How did we get here? Technology? The ability to have instant gratification?

We can achieve this on the internet and some other ways but it rarely happens with losing weight. And often times if you lose weight fast, it’s very easy to rebound and fall into bad habits.

Think of the mentality “slow and steady wins the race.” There aren’t any shortcuts to weight loss. You have to be forgiving. It’s hard though, and while I’m not far from my goal, I struggle with this daily. I’ll do really well then take a “break” and get back.

Yo-yoing is definitely unhealthy and I really need to stop. I need to take my own advice, because I know what needs to be done. It’s just a matter of doing it.

Eat more vegetables and lean proteins, avoid processed foods when possible, keep the carb intake low, drink lots of water and exercise. It seems so simple but it’s not. How can it be easy when there are things like pasta, pizza, chicken wings, cookies, donuts, etc!?

“Slow and steady” is definitely what’s going to work as opposed to many of today’s fads. But some people really don’t know the fads, the pills, the juices, etc. don’t work.

If you ever do anything that makes you lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re probably depriving yourself of certain favorite foods completely and the diet becomes miserable. You set a deadline for yourself and once you have passed the deadline, it’s very easy to slip into old habits and regain the weight back. Sometimes even more.

The weight loss pills won’t work either. Many of them, such as Hydroxycut, have so much caffeine and your body freak out. I took them once and not too long after I started taking them I literally felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. That’s when I learned my lesson.

There is only one over-the-counter pill I knew of, Alli, that was FDA approved. However the side effects do not seem that pleasant at all.

In a search, I realized that there are two other FDA approved weight loss drugs, Belquiv and Qsymia. From a quick glance I believe both must be prescribed by a doctor (I could be wrong) and were for overweight and/or obese individuals. It was interesting to learn about them on the FDA’s website.  Pills are really only okay under a doctor’s supervision and with a weight loss plan the two of you have gone over together.

Either way, the main point is weight loss doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t come fast, and if it does, the likeliness of keeping it off is lower. Slow and steady wins the race. Search and search to find healthy foods you like. Don’t force yourself into exercise that’s tedious, find an activity that’s fun so you don’t dread workouts. You’ll get there!

Quick Skincare Solution

pimple solutionThree days before our wedding my husband got a pimple. Panic mode. At that point you’ll do anything and spend any amount of money to fix it.

As we were running around late that night, just before they closed we stopped in Ulta and I immediately asked one of the people in sales what to do. I spoke with Robert and he gave me his two-step system. So all of this credit goes to Robert–it’s been a year and I still remember. It’s too good not to pass along. Thank you!

Step One: DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask

Take a little bit of this and put it on the pimple then leave it on for five to 10 minutes. Rinse off and pat the area until it’s dry.

Step Two: Murad Acne Spot Treatment

Dab on a little bit of this on the pimple. Robert said you could use up to three times a day.

Does it work?

Yes! It’s not instantaneous though. For my husband, he had a bad one, so it didn’t take it away completely but it went down enough to not really be noticeable on our wedding day. I use this myself and when diligent on following up with the Murad multiple times, it will go down. Now unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, you’re impatient and just pop it. I know that’s bad. Dermotoligists say it’s a major no-no and it is because it could lead to scarring, get infected, etc. But I just can’t help it sometimes.

Now to spill the beans…

All wonderful things have a catch. The catch to Robert’s wonderful two-step system is the price. Hang on to your seats… the DDF mask is $45 and the Murad spot treatment is $16. However, even though it might seem like a lot for a pimple, this stuff lasts a long time so it is worth it. If the price is getting you, next time you get extra random money like a tax check, extra pay day in the month, pick these up and put them in your beauty drawer. I guarantee it’ll come in handy at some point.

It’s the Small Things, Sometimes

Busy at work, busy at home. Most of us have a 24/7 life and honestly forget to stop and enjoy the small things. That would be me. Sometimes you have to enjoy the small things, but in order to be able to do that, we have to literally put something in front our faces.

gerber daisyFor me, it’s Betsy the plant. Yes, I have named a plant and am fully aware it seems weird. When we first got Betsy a year and a half ago, I just looked at the plant and said it was Betsy. My husband was like, “I’m not going to call the plant a name.” Well guess what, he does.

I love gerber daisies, I had one in my hair for prom and it was the main flower for my wedding. However, I do not have a green thumb at all what-so-ever, so I haven’t had them in a yard or any plants…until now.

She (yes, sure, she), started as a small red gerber daisy but after about six months the flower part went away and it was just a plant. Very pretty, but no flower. My husband kept up with the plant as I often forget or use the wrong kind of water to water it. So he gets all credit for Betsy, not me.

Then a couple weeks ago, literally all in a week, a red gerber daisy sprouted up! And now it’s been two or three weeks and here we are!

Betsy isn’t life changing. Betsy doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Betsy isn’t the biggest deal in the world. But… she sure is nice. And I really enjoy having her around. It’s nice if I’m just sitting watching TV to look over to see a really pretty plant. Or just to walk over to look out the window and there she is.

I highly find you recommend a Betsy. It’s the small things, sometimes.

Snack Attack: Dole Dippers

Dole DippersI’ve been eye-ing Dole Dippers ever since I started seeing coupons for them in my Sunday Indianapolis Star. It took me awhile to pick them up so when I finally did, I wanted to try all three:

  • Banana with Almonds
  • Banana
  • Strawberries

If you aren’t familiar with Dole Dippers, they are frozen dark chocolate covered pieces of fruit. Look for them in your grocery store’s frozen section (click to search your area). Be sure to let them thaw at least 10 minutes before eating them.

Each box of the Dole Dippers has pre-portioned packets of four pieces. I would say each piece is probably two to three bites.

The first one I tried was banana. While I love bananas, this frozen dessert wasn’t my favorite. Part of it was flavor and the other part was texture, perhaps it was just because it was frozen. There was something funky about it all to me, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love it. If you’re interested in these be sure to try both strawberry and banana.

Once I realized I didn’t like the banana dipper as much, I didn’t even try the version with almonds. I’m sure I will at some point. The almonds will probably enhance the flavor for the better.

That being said, the strawberry dipper was my favorite. I really thought the dark chocolate and strawberry combination was perfect and I’m not even a huge fan of dark chocolate. I honestly didn’t even realize the Dole Dippers were dark chocolate until I bought them.

Another reason why I will continue to buy the strawberries is the calorie count. They only have 60 calories per pack. The others have higher calorie counts. Below is a comparison of the nutritional facts on all three boxes. If you try them, let me know what you think!

Dole Dippers Nutritional Information

Beauty Review: Loreal Sleek It and Lock It

Recently I was looking for a new heat protectant spray and hair spray so I purchased Loreal’s Sleek It and Lock It to give a try.

“Sleek It” Heat Protectant Spray

Why I Picked It

This heat protectant spray stood out to me because it said it “iron straight heatspray.” To me I thought that might help keep my hair straight. Some of the other features and benefits listed on the bottle were:

  •  450 degree protection
  • Provides sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Calms frizz
  • Blocks humidity

How It Held Up

I have extremely fine hair so hair products really can make or break my look. When I put any heat protectant spray in my hair, as opposed to a cream, I usually spray it in my hands and put it directly on my hair to ensure I cover everything well.

The first time I used this product, I used quite a bit and after I blow dried it felt my hair was a little greasy, especially at the roots. My husband though said it looked really nice so perhaps I just felt it was that way. Since though, I have sprayed it on the top of my head and then rubbed it in my hands for the lower half to help my hair straighten better. I would say that it does!

I’m sure there are much better products out there, but if you’re looking for something on a budget, this was about $4.99. Check it out on Ulta’s website.

Lock It Hairspray

Why I Picked It

I wanted to pick a hairspray that was the same brand as the heat protectant spray and Loreal’s “Lock It” caught my eye because it said it was “weather control hairspray.” I live in the city and am constantly walking around outside. The last few hairsprays I purchased I liked, but I felt like they faded quickly. Some of the other features and benefits the bottle listed were:

  • Lightweight mist
  • Locks out humidity
  • Smooth style for 48 hours

How It Held Up

Overall I really like this hairspray. When any hairspray brand says “lightweight” though, I’m not sure what they mean. This hairspray has a pretty good hold. To describe it, let’s say I curl my hair under, put in the hairspray and then put a fan in my face–that entire section of my hair is going to be blowing in place, if that makes sense.

Usually I straighten my hair before work because it’s fast, but this week I’ve been curling it under with a blow dryer and round brush, then using this hairspray to lock it in. If I don’t use any type of hairspray my hair usually doesn’t hold the entire curl for a long duration of time.

Overall I think it really keep in the curl throughout the day. The picture below is of my hair after using this hairspray 13 hours ago. I’ve since brushed my hair too, so it’s brushed some of that tight hold out, but for my hair type, for it to still look this curled under, is really good.

I think this is a good hairspray to try if you’re looking for one on a budget. This one costs about $4.99. Check it out on Ulta’s website.

Loreal Lock It Hair Spray