What is Everyone’s Beef with Cats?

Based off my title, you probably know I have a cat. (And if you know me, you really know I have a cat because I love her to pieces and she isn’t nice to anyone who isn’t my husband or me).

But I wanted to preface this by saying I’m not just a “cat” person. I love all animals probably way more than I should. My face lights up when I see one, especially dogs. We just have one pet though, a cat. And the older I get, the more I hear bad things about cats and I really don’t understand why. Yeah, they do kind of have constant bitch face, I get it, but when you have a cat, you know how happy they are.

Top thing about cats is they basically take care of themselves. I would love a dog, but deep down I know it would be quite a bit of work to take it out and try to figure out what to do since sometimes we work long days. With my cat, I only have to do three things. Feed her in the morning, give her treats and make sure she has water. The water part is super easy now because she prefers out of a faucet so we just leave our second bathroom’s bathtub on a slow drip. I’ll also leave a bowl of bottled water out occasionally. So now we’re really down to two things. If we need to take a weekend trip, I can leave her for about three, four days tops and she’s okay.

There is also the litterbox, which is what  I hear a lot of complaints about. “You have a box of poop in your house.” Well yeah, you do. But with any animal you are going to have to deal with something. With cats it just happens to be a box. When she has to go, we don’t have to leave right away. I can just deal with it each day, or every other day if I’m super busy, when I have time. And I use a liner so that way when I’m ready to change the entire box I just take out the bag, put in another liner and pour in the litter.

catsPeople also don’t think cats are friendly. The thing with cats is for many they are apprehensive about people at first. They want to figure you out. But not all cats, some just come right up to you. My cat is so sweet to us and actually does a lot of things that dogs do. Best of all she has such a personality. She has favorite things and places. There are a lot of elements to her. I don’t have to watch her every move, she just lives here with us. She isn’t chewing up my shoes, walking on my counters, unrolling all the toilet paper, etc. She’s really well behaved.

One of my favorite things is when I get home everyday, she runs full speed to the door. She’s so excited when I get home. She loves to play, and even plays fetch. Not as great as she did when she was younger, but she loves for you to throw things and she’ll chase after them. Lately you have to retrieve it too and throw it again… but I’m sure with effort I could train her to bring it back.

I love how sweet she and many cats are. People might just not see it, but they will snuggle up to you, rub against your leg, and all kinds of other things. My cat in particular will bat her eyes when she’s in a really great mood (or wants something), cackles and all kinds of things. Cats are not emotionless. She also knows when I’m sad or in a bad mood and she definitely treats me differently in a nice way because she knows. She can sense when she might need to do something to make me smile.

She’s also extremely protective. I won’t forget the first time it happened, my husband was tickling me and I was screaming. All in fun, but she didn’t realize it and she came up and hit him and yelled at him to stop and didn’t let up until he was away from me.

But I think her being guarded about other people is why she isn’t nice to them. When she was a kitten, people bullied her, so it only makes sense for her to feel tense with others she doesn’t know coming up to her. You would be the same way.

So if people come up to her, she hisses. If you stick your hand out to pet her and she isn’t ready, she’ll hit you. I can’t say she’s ever attacked anyone for just being in our place while we’re there though. Just when she’s been provoked.

The hard thing is that people just can’t pay attention to her, which I know is hard. I’m sure that’s what people don’t like, and I wouldn’t either. When you see an animal, you want to pet it. That’s where the work comes in. My husband had a friend that always ignored her and one time after she’d got to know him and he left her alone, she snuggled up to him.

Then there was a time when we were trying to sell our old house and our realtor had to go while we weren’t home to take photos. She was okay with him with us there because he ignored her, but the one time he was there without us, she watched his every move.

She didn’t do anything until he got to one of our spare bedrooms I had some of her toys in and she attacked him. That’s the only time I can think of where she attacked someone without being provoked…so we all agreed it would be best to take her out of the house for showings or open houses which was hell. But that’s her space, a dog would do the same if they felt that way too. The world finally witnessed it with a video of a cat protecting a little boy from a dog attacking him. Cat’s definitely care and are protective.

Last, a lot of people have allergies. Now that’s one complaint I can totally agree with when it comes to not liking or wanting to have a cat. I will say I have allergies though. I’m definitely allergic to cats. I take allergy medicine regularly, but I would have to anyway because I’m allergic to basically everything outside.

Not everyone is like me, some people’s allergies to cats are more severe than others and they can’t breathe being in the same room as a cat. I’m lucky I was able to adjust. I’m to the point where the only thing that really bothers me is if she gets in my face. That makes my face itchy and stuffy. That’s rare though, it’s usually my lap, right next to me, or just on the other couch in the room.

So if you’re looking for a pet that’s low maintenance…..I don’t understand why not a cat?

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