Not A Coffee Drinker? Other Drinks (Some Healthy) to Get a Boost

I’ve tried coffee but just can’t get into it. I pretty much stopped drinking pop a few years back for some health reasons, so that’s out (and I’ve noticed I felt so much better not drinking pop in the morning). Not a fan of Red Bull, but I’d drink a sugar free one if I needed it and definitely do not like five hour energy drinks. They made my heart feel like it was going to beat out of my chest like 10 hours after I drank it.

However, I have found some drinks that help me get a boost, some being very healthy!

Wake Me

Genesis Today’s Wake Me is my absolute favorite thing to drink to give me energy. Call it my coffee. Their website explained is has 500% daily value of Vitamin B12, which is what gets me up and going every day or if I drink it midday to just get a boost. Oh, and it tastes good to. It has an orange flavor, but it’s not like orange juice at all. Definitely similar, but not so acidic and a little sweeter.

It’s also 50 calories per eight ounce serving (or one weight watchers point). Genesis Today also notes that Wake Me does not have any artificial sweeteners, has 70 mg of plant-derived caffeine and is free of high fructose corn syrup.

You used to be able to only buy Wake Me at Walmart (not my favorite place), but then they started selling it online. Unfortunately there have been some shipping issues so it says pre-order only. Pre-order yours to try it! Just as a heads up, they only sell by the case of six bottles, but it comes out to $8 a bottle and they last me a week.


I stumbled on this lightly carbonated energy drink in a local Indianapolis grocery store, Marsh, as I was trying to find something to fill my “energy boost” void with Wake Me still having issues from the manufacturer. I picked it up thinking it was a similar healthier energy boost, but it turned out to have the same amount of caffeine as Red Bull. I like it better than Red Bull though and for awhile there I would drink one on my way home from work everyday because for some reason I feel so tired after I pull into my parking spot.

I love this drink because it has so much flavor, and it’s sweet, but not to sweet.

Bing is available in cherry or blackberry. So far I’ve only had the cherry version and love it. Their website said they both are made with real juice and some other natural flavors. It also does not contain high fructose corn syrup and has 40 calories per the 12 ounce can. It runs the same price as Red Bull, so roughly $2.50 depending where you buy it from.

Neuro Sonic “Energy Refreshed”

I also found this drink at Marsh. It makes me feel the same way Bing does, it just has a lighter flavor. I’ve only been able to find this in their “Super Fruit Fusion” .

Neuro’s website said some of the active ingredients in this drink are L-theanine, alpha GPC and PS and B vitamins. It also has a


Active ingredients like L-theanine, alpha GPC and PS, B vitamins, and resveratrol combine with a small amount of caffeine to produce the biggest sustained bang for your natural buck. 

Neuro SONIC is made with nature-derived ingredients, colors, and flavors, and the entire bottle contains only 35 calories. – See more at:


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