Allergy Sufferers, Prepare For A Brutal Spring

I woke up the other day with a bit of a sore/scratchy throat, coughing and lots of sneezing. One of my co-workers had been very sick all week and of course my first thought was, “No! I can’t be getting sick for the third time this season!”

I immediately started drinking Emergen-C and lots of water.

According to a recent ABC News article, the Polar Vortex will be to blame for a miserable allergy season. I originally throughout the cold temperatures would have froze things, but I was wrong. Very very wrong.

“Studies have shown that wet and warmer winters have resulted in earlier and longer allergy seasons and that the past few stormy months may be a sign that allergy sufferers will soon need to reach for the antihistamines,” Kate Weinberger, a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Health Sciences at Mailman School of Public Health in Columbia University, told ABC News.

People highly allergic to pollen will probably get it the worst. Hang in there allergy sufferers!

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