2014….Not Going According to Plan

It hit me yesterday that this year is not going according to plan, at all. I had so many goals this year. I had a plan to pay off a credit card, I felt stable in my job, had some weight loss goals and really loved where I live. And while some things stand true, none of it is going as I expected.

For instance things came up, and all the extra money this year I intended to pay off my credit card with…I had to put toward other things. I definitely have been making healthier choices, but I thought I would be farther in my journey than I am. And my job completely changed–and it’s definitely stable, but my position ended up merging with another and it’s just a lot to take in.

As far as where I live, when we moved in last year we were in awe of how grand this place is. I thought “I don’t care what’s wrong with it, I’d rather live here.” Especially when we came to look at it, we really couldn’t look just because the tenants never left. Then we came across all the imperfections after the fact (horrible paint job, hair painted into the ceiling, some mold to name a few things). Even though we’ve moved passed those things, the management here just does not care. And I feel like they give special treatment to people. Honestly, I’m over it, which sucks, because this is the perfect location! But I’m starting to realize there’s a lot more to consider.

So I suppose this year is a learning year for me. I figured last year, which included my wedding, would be such a transition year. It was, but this year is different.

My husband and I both agreed this year was a great one for our careers. Both are taking slightly different paths, but both should be really good.

Change is good, I guess. But hard to digest at times, for sure.

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