Being Healthy isn’t the Number on the Scale

As I scroll through my Timehop app every day I notice a reoccurring theme over the last five or so years. I’m always trying to lose weight.

I listen to Cosmo’s Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius XM and they have started a “Brain Over Body” campaign. I missed some of the show on Thursday when they started it and it hasn’t been onDemand yet to listen to, but from what I heard yesterday, it sounds like a great campaign.

Yesterday they posted this article from the Huffington Post, “1,200 Calories.” I’ve actually been a member of Weight Watchers for the last three or so years because I didn’t feel calorie counting helped me to lose weight. For me, I think it’s focusing on the the points which are determined based off fat, carbs, protein and fiber.

I always knew muscle weighed more than fat, and gaining muscle could increase your weight but you would look more toned. I wasn’t sure if that would ever work for me, and still am not sure. But I saw the picture in this article and it really put things in perspective to me.

I wanted to make 2014 the year I finally did it. Although I have also come to the realization that based off my height and metabolism that I’ll never be able to go too long without watching what I put in my mouth. Or, if I just do great during the week, I can have more freedom during the weekend.

It was hard to pull things together at the beginning of the year. I remembered jogging outside at the tail end of last summer in a great spot where I live, and knew once I could get out four to five times a week, I could really get into shape.

I kept putting getting started off further and further until a few weeks ago. Usually it always starts with a moment where food makes me sick and I’m not comfortable in my clothes. That’s how it happened this time. I gave up “sweets” for lent even though I’m not the greatest Catholic, and just wanted to make an effort. Especially when temperatures were supposed to start being in the 50s and 60s.

It’s been two weeks and I’m starting to get into better habits. I’ve been tracking my WW points and exercising roughly five times a week. I think I’m five pounds down, but honestly I’m going to try to not make this time solely about weight because that’s when it gets discouraging. It’s hard to meet that number on the scale since weight fluctuates so easily.

I want this time to be how I feel and fitting into the clothes I want to wear. I look back at the Huffington Post article where 137 pounds was more tone and fit than 123 pounds.

So far I feel pretty good. Usually on Saturday mornings I would feel like splurging on a breakfast…but I don’t even feel like it. Once you get a week or two under your belt, your healthier habits to stick with you a little more.

I’ve also somewhat enjoyed the jogging. For some reason being able to get out there with the other people, listening to music and having a course makes it easier than in a treadmill on a gym.

I don’t know where I’ll be two weeks from now, six months from now, one year from now….but I know I’m never going to be successful if I don’t stick with it and rearrange my priorities. It’s much more than the number on the scale.

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