I Think….I Might…Actually…Like…Running

Okay let’s get one thing straight, by running I mean walk/jogging. I have some breathing issues (part are a health issue and the other part is me just getting back in the swing of things), so I usually mix walking and jogging as I feel comfortable.

But after going out two days in a row, I think I might like this.

Around last July, my husband and I started going out for a run together around our area because there is the perfect spot where so many other people go too.

Sadly that had to come to an end when the brutal winter hit. I just never had the right clothing. There is a gym in my building but I really just took off working out and dieting around Christmastime. So all this time I’ve had a taste of actually enjoying working out, but it was just too cold to enjoy it even if I did go out.

Over the last couple months I’ve worked on my eating but to be honest I haven’t been so good to myself.

Yesterday was the first day all year where the weather was nice and I knew I had to get out there. On a Sunday. I put on my workout clothes, grabbed my headphones, found a good iTunes dance station and just went out there. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the music kept me going and there were a ton of people out there with me.

It really felt good. So good. It motivated me and reminded me “I can do this.”

I have a goal this year to get down to a size 4 jean. I’ve got a ways to go. I hope I can do this and being able to run outside is a somewhat enjoyable way to work out as opposed to being cooped up in a workout room on a treadmill.

I think I might actually like this running thing…

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