The Struggle Will Be Always

As I get older and continue to work to get my body in the shape I want it to be, I really wonder if this will be a life long struggle? Or maybe looking on the positive side, a life long effort?

Even when I get my body where I want it, it will be always be work to keep it there. And when I’m in times where I wish I could be better, like right now, it will be so much work to meet my goals.

I’d love to know what it’s like to have a crazy good metabolism, because I love to eat.

I’m just constantly working, even when I’m not, it’s on my mind. I can’t ever go without tracking my food or working out. And when I do, I can feel it. The way I fit in my clothes.

I wish there was an easier way, for everyone. I know there are people that work so much harder than I do, and I wish it could be easier for us all.

One day. Until then, here’s to working hard to meet our goals.

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