New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

top_ten_happy_new_year-pics-23I’m going to be cliche and state my resolutions. I feel like this entire year was just spent getting through it.  It began with something we really had no control over–our house up for sale.  Moving downtown really relied on our house selling and then we just took a risk and moved despite the house not having sold. (Thankfully it did and we didn’t have to double pay for long).

Then we got married in August, so much of the time leading up to that was spent preparing. I really felt like I was going through the motions. After the wedding I’ve felt like I’ve been trying to get things figured out. Ever since we moved we’re constantly on the go. Here’s what I’d like to do to reach my goals:

Weight Loss

It’s an ongoing struggle, isn’t it? I was SO close to reaching my goals this year. I’ve fallen off over the last couple months but I feel really confident for 2014. This year I learned I have exercised-induced asthma and have an inhaler. That made running (who am I kidding, JOGGING) much easier. Living downtown I almost enjoyed my jogs and really look forward to it once the weather is better. Until then, I think I will force myself to utilize the gym we have in our building. I also decided not to cancel my subscription to Weight Watchers and will follow that diligently. Hopefully I can reach my goals this year and keep them.


I’d like to get my credit card paid off this year and get better with my money. Going back to the “being on the go” a lot, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and do everything the way I’ve wanted to. I just want to feel more organized with my finances so I would like to figure out the best way to do that this year.


…being on the go is a running theme, isn’t it? haha. I’d like to keep our apartment cleaner. It’s so easy to get busy, and while I try to keep things de-cluttered, I’d like to get back into a normal routine. Before I would clean on Saturday mornings. 90s hip-hop cleaning dance parties to be specific. Maybe I need to bring that back to the new place. Well it’s not so new, it will be a year in February!

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