Wedding Vendors

It’s been almost five months since I got married. It was a wonderful experience but I will say I’m glad the planning and stress is over. Although I feel like I didn’t have as much stress thanks to my wonderful vendors and therefore I feel it’s important to share them all with the world. So if you’re getting married in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, check these places out.

Dress and Tuxes: reTulled

This is an adorable little consignment store in Irvington (Indianapolis, Ind). Amy takes in bride’s  dresses and sells them. Each get a cut–a very fair cut at that. The dress I wore was a corset back with beading. Of course she makes them all like-new and I ended up getting a dress (this one in particular never had been worn), a petticoat and a few alterations for around $300. Plus the man that does all her alterations even came the day of the wedding to help me get in the dress and lace it up.

We also got our tuxes through her. She gets the tuxes at all the same big box stores but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. If you need a tux, go to her. Everything is included! She was also incredibly flexible (we ordered them late, I thought. Approximately five weeks out). There were some issues with shirts the couple days before and they took care of everything. Highly recommend!

Flowers: George Thomas Florist

Right next door to reTulled in Irvington is George Thomas Florist. When doing my research their prices were great and I wanted to stay local and met with a lady named Melissa. I didn’t know the exact direction for my flowers, but I wanted red and I wanted to incorporate gerber daisies. Not only did she come up with a beautiful bouquet display but also made a gorgeous recommendation for the boutonnieres .

I didn’t need flowers for the venue, just for our bridal party and some extras. I think we only spent just over $200 and what I loved so much was once we figured out what we wanted, Melissa took care of the rest. All I knew is when I got to the venue, there were my flowers. I’m pretty sure she stayed a little late to deliver them to me on time. I wasn’t worried about it and didn’t have to.

Venue: Skyline Club

When I was trying to find a venue, I was stumped. When I started searching and saw how ridiculously expensive some places were I really did my research.  I was just sitting on my couch one night going through venues through the and stumbled on the Skyline Club in the One America building. I had never really heard of it before and when I started to look around for what we wanted for us, it seemed really perfect.

I met with the coordinator and was completely blown away by the space. It’s on the 36th floor of the One America building in downtown Indianapolis–one of the tallest in the city with panoramic views. The views alone are enough. We needed something extremely untraditional; have a wedding and reception at the same place with only a small group of close family at the wedding but then throwing a huge party with everyone. We also had a bunch of other minor things that were untraditional such as not wanting a buffet or served meal.

The coordinators there were wonderful, never said anything about our untraditional wedding ceremony and were so accommodating. Anything we needed they gave to us and there were so many neat perks, for instance centerpieces were included (if you weren’t picky!)

I could go on and on but trust me they are amazing. They allowed us to get married in this cute “bistro” area, and as soon as the ceremony was over they quickly flipped it into a cocktail lounge and moved all the guests into the dining hall. We had a very informal “dinner” with hors d’oeuvres and a unlimited pasta bar. (I heard the food was good, I was too busy to eat).

What I loved about it was that it was a new experience for newcomers to the city but it was also new for those that live here. It was the perfect space and we would love to have some kind of other event there someday!

DJ: Scott Stars of DJs Direct

The music was something I felt passionate about. I was pretty easy going with everything from our vendors, but with music I had a clear vision. (Basically no 50s/60s cheesy typical wedding music, chicken dance, YMCA, etc).

Scott was wonderful, met up with us after work one day and we just knocked everything out. We were all on the same page and we wanted to add quite a bit of music he didn’t have in his system. He didn’t have a problem with it at all and made sure everything we wanted was played and helped us with some untraditional ideas such as a mother/son, father/daughter and family dance.

Then day of our schedule did not go according to plan at all and he just rolled with the punches like it was nothing. He made it so much fun and it was everything we wanted!

Party Favors: Just Poppin’

We saw Just Poppin’ at a bridal show over the summer. They had all these neat set-ups with great popcorn and  we immediately knew that’s what we wanted to do. All we had to do was get canisters and then they supplied the popcorn to fill them with.

They helped me figure out how much I needed and I chose all the flavors. I found some great canisters at Home Goods. Then the day before we picked it up, and the venue took care of the set-up! Just Poppin’ provided the scoops and bags (small cost I think) and they even had these neat little stickers for all the bags. Everyone loved it, we put it just by the bar and it was a huge hit! You can stop by one of their stores anytime, you have to go try this popcorn!

Hair: MGD Salon | Studio

McKenzie Paschal from MDG Salon | Studio was my wedding hair stylist. The salon is just around the corner from my place and our venue. I absolutely loved what she did with my hair–and even before that, when we had my trial, we played around and she knew a few things. We planned on one thing but she ensured me we could always do a little different the day of.

Sure enough, the day of I decided instead of completely down I wanted to go half up and half down. It wasn’t a problem and I absolutely loved it.

She also made a great recommendation to me for shampoo and conditioner since I have super fine hair that doesn’t do more–Oribe. I’ve been using it since July and absolutely love it. It’s done so much for my hair.

Make-Up: EyeMax Cosmetics

Make-up was something I didn’t want to have to worry about the day of. I wanted something to last and EyeMax is the perfect solution. My hair stylist recommended them to me as they had a small studio in the hair studio, so I could have hair and make-up done all in the same place that day.

Krystal was my make-up artist and I absolutely love what she did with my make-up. It was perfect; not too over the top but enough to be special. And she was so flexible, we were running behind on getting in that day just because of traffic, but she and my hair stylist were so laid back.

And it was so funny because during my trial appointment Krystal asked if my mom was having her make-up done. I said no–my mom water to just do something herself because she isn’t a huge make-up person. Krystal said most of the time moms say that, they see their daughters and then want their make-up done too. Sure enough, my mom wanted hers done too and Krystal did such a great job at the last minute.

Then in addition to the wonderful work she did, the make-up stayed! All day–it was incredible, just as fresh as it was when it was first done. And we were so busy because we left the next day for our honeymoon that I didn’t have time to shower since we had guests rolling through and had to pack.

This probably isn’t recommended but I didn’t have time to wash my hair and take off all the make-up so I left it. And it stayed all night and all into the next day. I didn’t take it off until we go to Vegas which was over 24 hours later. I’m sure that’s not the greatest for your skin but I just didn’t have the time–so if that tells you anything about the make-up, you know it will last!

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