Downtown Living: I Love Where I Live

I don’t like to brag, and I don’t really have anything to brag about (with the exception of my amazing husband, friends and family…and cat), except for one aspect of my life: home.

I live in downtown Indianapolis. I had always wanted to live downtown and never ever thought it would happen. Growing up I lived about 10 minutes driving distance. I could see the top of the Chase (then Bank One) tower from my bedroom. We’d always watch the fireworks and visit here and there.

As a teenager, I had a boyfriend who always wanted to live in the country. And as a naive girl who expected to be with him forever, I figured my life needed to be on acres of land, far out from civilization.

Then when I met my husband, he lived in a suburb about 45 minutes away from downtown. His parents had a gorgeous house on a lake and then when he purchased his first home it was in the same city in a small subdivision. He isn’t a fan of being around tons of people, so I anticipated if we were together forever, it would probably be in a suburb.

Two trips to New York and an Indianapolis Super Bowl later, he fell in love with downtown. He realized it’s not this big crazy hectic place that people make it out to be. Sure the one way streets are confusing at first, and certain events get crazy. But you know what? 90% of the time, it’s not crazy.

I equate living downtown to a quote from The Great Gatsby, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”

While there are a lot of people walking around–it’s just that. No one is in your business.

When I lived in the smaller suburb with my husband before we moved downtown in February, everything was packed. Walmart, Kroger–filled with people. You had to get through a ton of traffic to fight through first, then drive around a parking lot and then go inside and wait in long lines because everyone was there.

Or another example, whenever I go to some of our malls in the suburbs, it’s just loaded with people. If I walk into Circle Center Mall, it’s a breeze to walk through. You’re not constantly running into people or waiting in line for long to pay for a purchase.

Living downtown, for starters, is so much closer to my job. My driving has been cut drastically. That gives me more time for all sorts of other things.

We walk everywhere. A walk around for us, usually Monument Circle, is what some people probably make a day trip for. I can also quickly get to the canal for a run, which is so much better than the treadmill I used to have. I still hate running, but I don’t hate it as much when I have scenery and several other people along with me. It’s really motivating.

I love when I drive home and see buildings, both old and new.  I love being able to walk to dinner and have a few drinks if I choose to do so. I love living up in the air. For starters it feels incredibly safe, and two it just is so different than being on the main level.

This apartment we have is unlike anything I ever imagined and I still get a little taken back that this is where I live. We have this massive living room, it’s probably 20’x24′ with 12′ ceilings that seem so much taller. Then we have three large windows (not floor to ceiling but close) that have an incredible view of the city.

I love in the mornings when I’m pulling out of my parking garage, onto the street, and eventually have a gorgeous view of the Monument with the sun shining on all the buildings.

Downtown Indianapolis isn’t that big, but the location we’re in is in the heart of it.

Another great thing about living downtown is the fact that our city isn’t so big. You can walk from one end to the other from Mass Avenue to Lucas Oil Stadium. There are so many neat stores and restaurants and they’re really not that busy.

Everyone that comes to visit us usually mentions how much they love it. Some actually express interest or begin to tell me how they wish they would have done this.

My response? “Do it!” There are people of all types in my building. College students, business executives, parents, newlyweds, etc. I never thought we could do this either. But we just made it work. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So if you’re thinking about living in a major city/downtown–do it. You would be truly surprised how awesome it is, and what you can do to make it work.

Maybe someday I’ll want to move back to the ‘burbs. But the way I feel right now at this moment is that I never want to leave the city. I love it too much.

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