Weight Challenge

Guess what happens after you get married? Your “wedding diet” is over. I don’t know if I had a formal wedding diet. I got so busy it was hard to do it right. I also hit a point where I knew “if I don’t lose it now, I’m not going to lose it.”

Then I also kept hearing I would get so busy I wouldn’t even want to eat–which I didn’t believe, because when I’m busy, that’s when I make the worst decisions if I’m not careful.

Apparently that’s true. For me it came two days before the wedding. My goal was to just eat healthily anyway that entire week so I could avoid not feeling well. Come the night of the rehearsal dinner I got busy and ate maybe a half of a piece of pizza before making an emergency run out. Then the day of the wedding I barely ate.

Hence by the time our trip came around, I wanted everything and hadn’t really watched what I ate for a couple months. It was a minor setback not only because my weight went back to this current starting point, but I also just felt gross.

A friend started this dietBet challenge where everyone put $25 in the pot and anyone who lost 4% of their bodyweight in a month was paid out. I knew it was the swift kick in the ass I needed to get back into gear.

I’ve kept my Weight Watchers subscription and immediately started points. Then because I’ve been doing this on and off for so long, I know the ins and outs. It really hasn’t been overly stressful. Plus I have been giving myself some leeway during the weekends. I also met with my doctor because I was having trouble breathing when I jogged–and it turned out “exercise induced asthma” was a possibility for me so she gave me an inhaler. It’s helped immensely.

Anyway, the healthy eating and exercise has made me feel so much better. The last few times I’ve ate what I wanted I felt awful.

This is where I stand, and I’m halfway over my goal to win the bet. That has really helped, especially when the two week mark is usually the easiest to fall off track. It’s also hard to fall off track when people constantly are telling you “why are you losing weight? You don’t need to lose weight.” No, I don’t have to. I want to. And given how short I am and what I had weighed, sometimes I might look fine in my clothes but I feel uncomfortable.

As long as I’m not shoving it in anyone’s face, what does it matter? When I eat healthier, I feel better. No, it’s not easy to keep up forever. I’m going to eventually fall off this wagon. I’ll get back on. I just feel good right now. I’m going to keep that up. And I want to be one of the winners in the challenge!

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