I’m Back!

LASomehow after an upgrade I lost the login information to my account. I thought my blog was gone because I’m sure it would take WordPress a long time to take the necessary steps to get me back in. However I am in!

So much has happened in the last few months. I’m sure I’ll elaborate later in individual posts but in a nutshell I got married, had a wonderful adventure to the west coast and then got back to real life.

It’s been fast. It does all go so fast, which is to be expected. People warned me about it before the wedding like it would be a surprise. I knew it. I was able to savor our reception. I made sure to watch the time and enjoy every moment. It was everything we wanted–a big party.

There were so many different groups of people and they all came together. It was so much fun. Our venue was perfect for the people who have never been to Indy before, then it was also new for the people that were here. A great way to view the city. It was beautiful.

Now that I’m back I’m realizing while I’m not planning a wedding, life is just settling. We’ve lived in our apartment since February and we still haven’t fully settled things in. We are still working on it.

I’m also back in the swing of healthy eating after holding off for a month and a half. I feel better.

So between married life and new recipes, I have plenty to be writing about. Stay tuned!

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