What Jitters Feel Like

My wedding is six weeks out, or maybe it’s five. Either way, I’m feeling nerves and stress constantly. It’s like whenever my mind is clear, those pop up. And the nerves have nothing to do with him, it’s about everything that has to get done before then. We still have so much to do, so much money to spend and it’s scary. The feeling of “will this all get done?” “Will money become an issue?”

I know it will, I just don’t don’t know how. And I don’t really know how to knock these jitters either. I just wish we could take a day and get it all done. But I feel sometimes even a small task can take days.

I haven’t set any expectations for the day of. I’ve done event planning, so I’m well aware nothing goes as expected. I have  one things that I’ll need to go perfectly, but the rest I know will just be great. I know it will all be great. It’s just getting there and dealing with all the in between.

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