Well that was fun #notatall

In all of this fun wedding planning, last week was my first blown out freak out week. It was terrible. It started over the weekend when my fiance and I were just overwhelmed and took it out on each other.

We had quite a bit to do last week; we had to finalize our guest list, send out the invitations, schedule tux rental, start making honeymoon arrangements, finalize favors and finish our registry to name a few things.

Then mid-week my mom had good intentions for something but it just ended up backfiring in all of our faces. At one point I felt so horrible because I had to give him news he didn’t want and I had to tell my mom no. I know, you’re supposed to say no when wedding planning but sometimes it’s hard. I hated that feeling, I hope to never feel that again (upsetting two people I really care about). Unfortunately I hit a wall a few more times last week just feeling overwhelmed.

Honestly, I’m pretty set though and besides those hiccups, our vendors, family, friends, etc. have been wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

I don’t know why I’m so stressed about all this. I think because there is just so much to remember to do. Sometimes it seems endless. I’m ready to be on a plane to Cali for my honeymoon. I’m ready to just skip to there đŸ™‚

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