Check, check, check it off the list

Made some wedding headway today and ordered my flowers.  We’re using a local florist, it’s actually right next door to where I bought the dress. She was wonderful and we were in there not even an hour. I don’t really have much of a preference on things. I knew I wanted to incorporate red gerber daisies, but other than that, was open to what made my bouquet look great.  I’m going to to a bouquet of red gerber daisies mixed with white hydrangeas. Then for the boutonnieres we’re going to do asters since gerber daisies don’t hold up well on their own. I thought those were pretty too.

Overall I’ve bitched quite a bit but really this entire process so far has gone so smoothly and everyone has been wonderful. My friends and family have given great advice and the vendors have all been amazing. I’ve chose quite a few local places or people I know instead of “big box” places. Then with the venue covering so much and being so accommodating as we aren’ doing things so traditionally, it’s been wonderful.

I haven’t done much with our DJ yet.  I started to plug in music for them to play then realized we only got to pick 15 songs. I certainly hope that isn’t the max because the music is the one thing I really have a strong opinion about.  I don’t want it to be filled with the songs played on terrestrial radio and I don’t want any of the poppy music from the 50s and 60s. I would love to 20s-40s jazz to be played when it begins and people are rolling in. So I really hope we can have more control.

Next on the list consists of favors, finalizing invitations, creating a registry, and bachelorette stuff. Getting there!

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