30 Days of Weight and Wedding: Day 14

I haven’t kept up as much as I wanted, but life happens.


I was out of town last weekend for work and really hadn’t thought about my wedding. I know I need to finish up my invitation, work with my mom on bridal invitations and call the flower place to make sure they rescheduled my appointment. There’s more, I just have been taking things a step at a time. As much as I talk about how stressful it is, because let’s face it, it is–everyone has been so supportive. Now that I’m getting closer to the event, money is starting to trip me out. It’s a lot. Deep breaths.


I went on a work trip to Chicago this recent weekend for the National Restaurant Association show. Basically you walk around the trade show, look at equipment and try a bunch of food. You try everything at the show, you just have to–and it’s all so good. Needless to say, I didn’t eat the greatest this weekend.

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