30 Days of Weight and Wedding: Day 6


It has been a busy busy day. I started to get a headache when I left work, and knew I wouldn’t be eating dinner for hours. That’s usually a recipe for a horrific night. I was bargaining with myself to just give myself the night off from my WW points. Instead, I grabbed one of my bananas to snack on and hold me over, which is zero points. I held strong and never broke away from my points either, despite getting back super late. So I suppose that can be my small victory for the day. I did have a headache when I got home and it still hasn’t fully gone away so I didn’t work out. Although I did do quite a bit of walking today. That has to count for something…


My dress has been in for a little over a week and I finally went to pick it up today. It’s a maze in those dresses. ‘Don’t know which end to put it on. This time I decided to step into it. I heard a little rip putting it on and had an internal freak, but it was fine. Once I got it on, Tyrone (the wonderful man who has been altering my dress) tied me up (it’s a corset back) and then it was off to see how it was. I love it, it’ll be great with heals or with flats (which I plan on wearing eventually). The dress is almost done, he is just going to put a bussell in it.

My mom has been working on invitations so that’s so much off my shoulders. She did the wording, which I’ve been dreading. I think those will be wrapped up and in the process in the next week.

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