30 Days of Weight and Wedding: Day 4


I started off the day well; with Wake Me* and a banana. For lunch, I knew there were a few food trucks around so I went for it. I had mac n’ cheese and my mom, grandma and fiance had food from a southern comfort food truck. I think it was everyone’s first time eating off a food truck and the food was great. It was just enough, I don’t feel like I overate. Then I didn’t have a single thing until dinner, which was super late. We had pizza from a popular place downtown. Each of us got the smaller one-person pizza.

So no, pizza and WW points probably don’t get along well, but I didn’t overeat. I’ve learned more lately about Dr. Jenn Berman’s “No More Diets” app, which bases eating off hunger and not restricting. I stopped eating the pizza when I was full. There was plenty left over and I didn’t feel like the worst. Hm. So maybe that’s the key in all this. A mix of WW and letting myself splurge. Although I suppose I didn’t go too much over my points since I didn’t eat the entire pizza.


Thursday night I came tot he conclusion I needed a better beauty regimen in order to feel my best for the wedding. I originally had been trying out this Neutragena that I bought a couple weeks ago and my face was just so dried out. Lately I feel like my face is just dried out. Not just dry skin, but it just is starting to look rough and three months ahead of my wedding is the time to start fixing that. So I returned what wasn’t working and purchased a set from Philosophy that consisted of the Purity face wash, Hope serum and then Hope in a Jar moisturizer. Even though I’m not showering until tomorrow morning, I washed my face, put on the serum and lotion. I can’t remember the last time my face felt this good. A girl with sensitive skin warned me about a reaction she had to it, so I’m a little nervous because I do have sensitive skin. But so far it’s been 20-30 minutes and I don’t think my face has broke out or is blotchy. I hope I’m in the clear.

I also bought a few things to help my hair because I have horrible breakage. It’s not on the ends anymore, it’s up on the top, midway down and then at the bottom. It’s time to really reigning it in.

*Amazing drink, if you’re not a coffee drinker and would like something other than soda or a Red Bull to get you moving, you MUST try this. I’ve been drinking it for years, it’s great. You can find it at Walmart. 

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