30 Days of Weight and Wedding: Day 3


I realized something fun today, I was using a meal I previously plugged into my WW and it was actually a point over from what I was really eating.

Then oddly better, I saved six points for a snack but never got hungry. Strange! So I used it on a glass of wine.

I worked out today too. Unfortunately it was raining so I couldn’t walk the canal. But I did a few exercise routines I found on Pinterest, including some calf exercises on the stairs.


My mom sent me a few sample invitations from her friend that will be designing mine. Go figure my favorite design was a Save-the-Date. I might see if she can re-work it as an invitation. I also booked hair and make-up too. I have may make-up schedule, so now I can start to plan the wedding day schedule. It’s all coming together, slowly.

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