30 Days of Weight and Wedding: Day 1

I need to eat healthier and the purpose of this blog was to share my stories. My wedding is high on my agenda, so I shall share that for the next 30 days too. I feel the more I share, the easier the next 30 days will be. 


With my wedding a few months away, I really need to get my eating and exercising under control. I’m just not comfortable and I feel better when I eat healthier. I went back on Weight Watchers, it works every time. Slow, but it works. It’s so hard though, but a conversation on Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo Radio this morning really hit home. It’s easy to think about food all the time and be so discouraged at slow results. I’ve been through so many “day one’s” that I know what to expect, however, I’m at crunch time. I need to do this.


Where to do I begin? Even though I wanted a simple wedding, it’s anything but simple. So for those that say “oh it’s so easy!” They either have all the time and/or money in the world, or a planner. When you’re doing this yourself, it’s a struggle. There are so many things to think about and consider. Lately on my plate has been invitations, hair/make-up, flowers and picking up my dress. That’s just the “at the moment” list, I have so many other things I need to do. I have it together, but it is overwhelming. It’s all slowly coming together. Tonight I made my bridal shower list, went over details with my cousin, signed a contract for make-up, make an appointment for flowers and researched invitations. Now that I have a few of those things done I can breathe a little bit.

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