Since we put the house up for sale at the end of October, I wanted to make it my goal to document our experience. People make things seem like they’re easy, and I learned quickly that selling a house isn’t easy. It was a lot of work to make fixes you think other people may […]

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We Made The Right Choice

As of Sunday, I will have been a resident of downtown Indianapolis for two months. Up until the move, many people questioned are decision.  Some expressed their disinterest in the city, while others were just genuinely curious.  Two months later, I’m pleased that most people think it’s pretty cool what we’ve done.  It’s a good […]

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Be More Aware

I’m so wrapped up in life. There’s this wedding, recent move, in the process of selling a home, a busy work life, a side project with a friend and then all the normal every day tasks. It’s exhausting. I get home and I don’t feel like doing anything. I think it’s times like these you […]

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