Since we put the house up for sale at the end of October, I wanted to make it my goal to document our experience. People make things seem like they’re easy, and I learned quickly that selling a house isn’t easy. It was a lot of work to make fixes you think other people may want, but you don’t really know. Then after you’ve made changes that you won’t be able to enjoy for much longer, the showings start to roll in. You say you won’t get your hopes up, but you do. Every time.

After months and months without any offers, you really start to question if it’ll sell. You can’t fully move forward if the house doesn’t set, unless you have unlimited amounts of money. We don’t, and we took a huge risk to move into place we fell in love with while our house was still on the market. I can’t even begin to tell you how stressful that was, and it really made it hard to completely enjoy living here. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t question moving here and loved it since we moved. But there was this one thing floating around….the house.

We got an offer about a month into living here, and we were elated. There is so much waiting though with our counter then whether or not they would accept. It’s extreme emotions because you go from the excitement of the offer to nerves they won’t accept the counter.

It happened all over again once they accepted; you’re excited they accepted, but then there is the inspection. Following the inspection is this waiting period until close.

I never wanted to be excited because you just don’t know what can happen, and even though things are good to go, we still had possession of the house. Who knows, they could have backed out at any time.

The day of closing was a Monday ago, over a week from writing this blog. I felt good knowing it was here, but didn’t want to be excited until the paperwork was signed. I took off work early and my fiancé and I headed up to the city, however, on my way we got a call from the realtor. Everything was fine…technically. He saw there was a lien on the house for a sewer bill and knowing us didn’t think it was right. He didn’t think it was anything we hadn’t paid, and had to further research it and prove it wasn’t ours.

We got to the closing and they were still working to prove it wasn’t ours. About 30 minutes after sweating it out, all was cleared. We went over the paperwork, he signed it all, and the deed was done. Closed. Out of our possession. It was a freeing feeling.

The freeing feeling lasted until we had watched the news during our celebratory lunch. It was the same day as the Boston bombings. Really put things into perspective that the world just keeps going.

It is great that we’ve closed on the house. Finally free.

If the world worked as hard for peace…

If the world worked as hard for peace as it does for war, it would be a much better place.

Over time there has been so much terror in this world. The events today were in America, but they happen all over. It’s just terrible. Is this the world we just have to get used to? Do we have to get used to murder? Hate? War?

We can’t live in fear, but we always have to live on edge? I feel as though we always will. By recent events, things seem to continue to be going downhill. I hope this isn’t true.

We Made The Right Choice

As of Sunday, I will have been a resident of downtown Indianapolis for two months. Up until the move, many people questioned are decision.  Some expressed their disinterest in the city, while others were just genuinely curious.  Two months later, I’m pleased that most people think it’s pretty cool what we’ve done.  It’s a good feeling, because I was nervous to be judged.  But you should never be judged for something you truly want to do. Living here was something I always dreamed of and never thought was possible.

I love it here. I love everything about it. It’s home. It doesn’t even feel like it, it just is. We walk everywhere and have discovered so many new restaurants and stores. I love the buildings, the people, the noises–all of it. I especially love our apartment.  I feel so secure here and I really enjoy living in a building. For the most part it’s oddly quiet here. When you’re by the door you can sometimes here the elevators or hallway activity, but once you’re down the hall, you don’t hear out there. There are outside noises too, but I enjoy those. It’s all a part of living in the city.

The people here are so nice, too. It’s crazy that in the middle of a large city you can get the “small town” feel. There are already two waiters at two restaurants that know us, and have gone out of their way to accommodate us.  I can tell their faces perk up when they see us. Then I went to our farmer’s market last week and felt like a kid in a candy store.  I’d never seen anything like it and even better, the people were amazing.  They care so much about the products they make/grow and sell.  Sometimes when I had gone to healthier stores on other sides of town the people are snobby, but not the downtown farmer’s market. So many great people there, I really look forward to going back.

There are so many things I love about living here, but most of all I love how it is right. We made the right choice coming here. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere different, even with all the challenges we’ve faced with the building. It’s an awesome place in an awesome city, and I’m happy to call this place home.

Be More Aware

I’m so wrapped up in life. There’s this wedding, recent move, in the process of selling a home, a busy work life, a side project with a friend and then all the normal every day tasks. It’s exhausting. I get home and I don’t feel like doing anything. I think it’s times like these you neglect the people you love most. You don’t mean to, but in your own ignorance, you let it slip away.

Somehow we have to learn to be more self aware in all aspects of our lives and realize when we’re putting things on the back burner. Especially when they’re most important.