Love is Love


I typically don’t post anything overly political or religious, but am feeling quite inspired by all the gay marriage equality posts and images I’m seeing on Facebook.

I feel as though we’re turning a corner and hitting a wall all at the same time when it comes to gay rights. I saw the picture at right and it really made me think about the day it will no longer be an issue. Just as many many years ago it was unacceptable for a black woman to sit in the front of a bus or to share a drinking fountain with a white person.  Let’s not forget there was one point in time where children were sent to different schools and women weren’t allowed to vote.

At one point, all of those things were okay.

Over time we change. We adapt. Yet again, we’re at one of those turning points.

And I don’t think that people who believe in the sense of a “traditional marriage” are wrong, necessarily. I just wish there was some more open mindedness there.

Do you think gay people choose to be gay? If you’re straight, could you turn yourself gay?

Of course a gay couple is untraditional.  It’s been looked down upon up until the last decade or so. But I don’t feel it has to be that way. I know many gay couples that have stood together longer than most straight people have been married.  For straight people, getting married isn’t taken seriously anymore. People divorce all the time without even trying to solve their issues. I personally think many straight people should learn a lesson or two from gay couples who have been together for 20+ years. They stay together and work through their issues yet have nothing legally binding them together. No hassles.  Yet, they stay.

So, divorce is okay. Having children out of wedlock is fine. Getting married multiple times to someone of the opposite sex is fine. But if two people are madly in love and just happen to be of the same sex, that’s not okay? Why can’t they have the same rights as everyone else? Do people believe if more gay people come out and get married that they’re going to start turning straight people gay? There will be a gay war? No! Absolutely not. There’s just as much love in a home between two people of the same sex as there is with two of the opposite.

No, two gay people can’t procreate the way a man and a woman can. But you know what they can do? Adopt a child in need of a loving family and provide them with the support they wouldn’t have if they grew up in the system. Or with today’s technology, it is possible for one couple to be a biological parent. And for the other? Love.

I just ask anyone who completely bashes on gay marriage to set yourself aside from everything you’ve read or personally believe and ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you turn yourself gay?
  • How would you feel if you were never allowed to marry the person you love? Especially if you’ve been together for decades?

Put yourself in their shoes and realize how antiquated it is. And if you hold firm that it’s a sin, then realize that’s not between you and a gay person. It’s between them and God. While I don’t believe being gay is a choice, all of us on this Earth have free will.  If you’re religious or spiritual, our actions are between us and God. Not each other. The God I believe in isn’t cruel and judgmental. I feel as though gays are judged and persecuted and it breaks my heart. So please, just step aside. Love is love.

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