So much done yet no progress

Winter decided to show spring who was boss today as we had a “last hurrah” snow storm dumping about nine inches of snow from about 4 p.m. yesterday until about 4 p.m. today. Needless to say the hill to get out of my building looked too risky, and since my boss decided to take a personal day, I decided to as well.  I figured I could really get a lot of wedding planning done, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I had pondered it, but never wanted to take the time.  Now I was forced to.

It was an incredibly productive day, yet I don’t feel as if I got much done.  Mostly research and question-asking.  I have my venue, photographer, cake and dress.  I’m coming close to confirming a DJ and suppose I’ve decided to pass on save-the-dates since my mom has called her brothers and sisters, and will just call most of the others.

I have a really long list of “to-dos” left even though I’ve knocked out some of these big things–the biggest and most stressful is the guest list and getting the invitations. I’m ready to have it off my plate, I just don’t have the list finalized yet. It’s really close though.

I’m really stuck on a room block.  I can either pick 10 rooms and possibly not be able to add, but if they aren’t used I’m okay. Or I can confirm 20 rooms, they get a discounted rate, and if I need to add more, I can at the block rate. The problem is, I’m not sure if I’ll have 20 people wanting to stay in a hotel. It’s hard to say. I can see it happening, but then again, I can see it not. If I go with the 20 block, I’m responsible for 90%. AH. So I’m really stuck on that one.

Then I also began to research hair and make-up. Just for myself alone I’m spending $150-$300. Then it’s around $100 to $125 for my maid-of-honor and friends. That’s a lot of money! I know I wouldn’t want to pay that, but at the same time I’m fine with paying for it for myself. Those were out of the places near me where I could walk, or for people who could drive to me. I might need to just go somewhere else because I don’t want anyone to pay that much…unless that’s what it cost. I’ll need to expand my search.

I did take a trip to CVS today, it was quite the eventful walk with snow and ice chunks falling from buildings. But I wanted to go and get a notebook because even though I have everything in my phone, I think I needed it all laid out–and it was very helpful. I feel more organized despite the daunting and never-ending to-dos.

I can really see how weddings make people go nuts. There’s so much to plan, even when you want to keep it small. There’s no way. My goal was to keep things as cheap and simplistic as possibly, and I think I’ve done fairly well, but there’s still so much.

And I hate delegating or forcing people to do things for me. I like to just do it myself, so that’s been a challenge. I feel like I have to apologize or over accommodate, which I know I shouldn’t do. I’m not letting people walk all over me though, I just want to be realistic. Just because it’s my wedding doesn’t mean people need to make sacrifices or feel overwhelmed. It’s just a day. I think brides forget that. You definitely need to get things done, but you can’t wreck relationships in the process.

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