So now, we wait.

Friday night my fiancé and I went out to a Mexican restaurant. It was the third Friday in a row that we have went there and it feels really nice that the waiter knows us. “Sangria?” he asked me as I was taking off my coat. “And a margarita for you?” Needless to say we had a wonderful dinner, as usual, then walked back home. It was late and we crashed immediately.

The following morning I woke up around 10 a.m. feeling the sangria I’d had the night before. I started to feel awake though so was playing around on my phone. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….then my email, then back to the others. He, all this time, was asleep. Then as I thought about putting my phone down and sleeping a little longer my phone rang. It was our realtor. 

The phone ringing woke him up too, and he probably would have preferred I let it go to voicemail just because he wanted to sleep in late.

I wasn’t sure what our realtor wanted though, sometimes he has called us when they needed to show the house immediately and the showings agency was closed. So part of me thought there was possible good news on the house.

Turns out, we finally have an offer. We countered, so now, we wait.

This would be such a burden lifted off our shoulders. But for now, we just wait.

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