As of yesterday, this place has been ours for a month.  I’m absolutely in love with it, it feels like home. It took about two weeks for it to not really feel like a vacation. Then last week was a huge catch up week with cleaning, and here we are in week four. Now life is getting back to normal.

Now that life is getting back to normal, I have to remember all the other things on my plate which includes my wedding. I’m sure we’re fine but at times I feel like I might be behind.  There are a lot of calls to make and things to put into place, it’s quite overwhelming even still. Then there are also quite a few personal things going on that could really make an impact if they go a different way.  There’s so much going on that I either can’t control or can’t do yet, and it urks me. It feels like this never-ending to do list. I like being able to check things off a list and I just can’t do that at the moment.

Work is incredibly busy too. I do have a somewhat normal “to-do” list there, but I feel like things just take forever. I have several ongoing projects and feel like I can spend all day on just one of them. Somedays I try to hit a little bit of everything, while others I just try to focus. We’ve also been doing quite a bit with social media, and I’m seeing some real success with it.  There are a few other possibly fun things with social media that could really make a difference for us.

It’s funny how you look forward to something so much, then it’s onto the next thing. I’m really glad we moved, now I just hope our house sells. I feel like the realtor had a mild panic that his contract is running up because he had advised possibly lowering the price because people kept saying it was in “average” condition. The floors definitely are, but not everything about the house. I was just honest and asked what was so average about it, and if we should perhaps steer clear from lowering the price until we absolutely have to. We’d rather replace the floors….which we can’t do right now either. Perhaps a carpet allowance. I’m sure we’ll have to do something soon, but for now it won’t include lowering the price.

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