Oh, Bless Your Little Heart

I just had an epiphany. We Americans are quite opinionated, which is great, except for the fact that we sometimes don’t know how to control ourselves. I’ve found the perfect equivalent. Picture yourself in one of our lovely southern states.  It’s a somewhat warm day, a smidge muggy you could say, and you’re sitting at […]

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Love is Love

I typically don’t post anything overly political or religious, but am feeling quite inspired by all the gay marriage equality posts and images I’m seeing on Facebook. I feel as though we’re turning a corner and hitting a wall all at the same time when it comes to gay rights. I saw the picture at […]

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So much done yet no progress

Winter decided to show spring who was boss today as we had a “last hurrah” snow storm dumping about nine inches of snow from about 4 p.m. yesterday until about 4 p.m. today. Needless to say the hill to get out of my building looked too risky, and since my boss decided to take a […]

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Selling a House

Up until I gradually moved in with my fiancé, I lived in the house I grew up in.  My parents moved there when I was about two and have never moved.  So until this recent move, I had never experienced it before.  So many people kept telling me how awful moving was, so I knew […]

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So now, we wait.

Friday night my fiancé and I went out to a Mexican restaurant. It was the third Friday in a row that we have went there and it feels really nice that the waiter knows us. “Sangria?” he asked me as I was taking off my coat. “And a margarita for you?” Needless to say we had […]

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