I envisioned the day we moved into our apartment downtown of being so accomplishing.  I imagined coming up with a few bags in hand, dropping them to the floor, starring out the windows and thinking “I’m home.”

Eh, not quite.

We moved in on Valentine’s Day, not intentionally.  It just happened to work out really well and quite frankly, it didn’t feel like Valentine’s Day at all. It started early and went late. Sadly, when we came in and finally started putting our boxes in the living room, we realized how much of a mess it was.  Dirty carpet, splotchy paint job and the place overall just really hadn’t been cleaned.

Here we were, in this gorgeous apartment, and it was filthy.

We realized how much more we hadn’t seen the day before the next morning and really insisted maintenance and the building manager come up since it was the leasing agent’s last day. The property manager was pretty hesitant but I really expressed to them that this was just not right. It was bad. it was downright bad.  We had seen several units in move-in ready condition, so why did they do a half-ass job with us?

When the three came up, it seemed as though the property manager was like “okay, I understand, just mark it on the move-in sheet.” But for what we’re paying, it should not have been given to us in the condition.  As she and my fiancee bickered back and forth on the condition it was really overwhelming.  I feel like he gets shafted a lot, and in this situation, I felt pretty helpless. The leasing agent, who couldn’t be a sweeter person and had (has) always been so wonderful and pleasant to work with just came over to me and with the most sincere voice said “Don’t worry, it will all be okay.”

Then I just lost it. I hadn’t even felt like crying, and to be honest, I can’t tell you the last time I cried. Maybe it was all the stress finally hitting a breaking point and I had to leave the room. Ben spent time with maintenance and the property manager, and after really pointing things out, she understood and was genuinely sorry. They all were. They agreed to paint another coat, clean the carpets and do another overall clean. We were the ones that slipped through the cracks and it had made for a pretty exhausting first week.

Each night we had to prepare for them to work the following day by covering up furniture so it didn’t get paint on it, to moving furniture to one side of the room for carpets to be cleaned. And since we’re just one of 160+ units, it’s not like they were able to do this in a day. It took all five days.

That was the downside. There has been an upside. Oh, has there ever. The apartment itself is gorgeous. I can’t believe I live here, and it very much feels like home. I love the city and am so glad to finally be here. My commute is cut in over half which gives me so much more time during the day. The kitchen, while smaller, has such a nice layout that I prefer it to my old one. It’s so open and spacious. It’s smaller than our house, but feels so much bigger. It could be the taller ceilings, and it doesn’t have as many bedrooms, so it’s more spread out. All in all, I love it. We’ve walked to dinner several times, and it’s so nice to be able to have a few glasses of wine. You just can’t do that if you’re driving. I love being able to do that. We’ve already discovered new places and keep trying new places every week. I love it.

The house hasn’t sold yet. The consensus has been the floors are a giant turn-off, and lately people have been saying the home is in average condition for the area. Honestly, I don’t know what that means. Maybe it’s because we don’t have stainless steel appliances? When you think about it, all the fixtures from door knobs to bathroom faucets have been upgraded to a brushed nickel.  There are custom can lights.  Faux wood blinds. The more I think about this it really pisses me off that’s what they’re telling us because the only thing average about the place is the flooring.  I made sure to check with the realtor to ensure other realtors know the condition of the floors and really emphasized how much of an opportunity it was. I hope they do.

This weekend my parents went and spent some time over there and it sounds like the floors aren’t perfect, but they’re getting pretty close. They probably aren’t as much of a turn off. I haven’t seen them yet, probably won’t until next weekend.

Hoping we get an offer soon, that would really just make life a lot easier.

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