In The Home Stretch

The final countdown. Home stretch. Light at the end of the tunnel.

In exactly one week from right now, what I’ve been dreaming and hoping for over the last…I don’t even know…years…will happen.

Overall this whole packing/preparing process hasn’t been too awful. A lot is already packed and we’re really just down to our kitchen cabinets, bathroom essentials, clothes and then taking the art off the walls. We’ll have to fill in the holes where the art was and paint. Other than that, we’re set.

We had a showing today, it was scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. My first reaction was “whoa that’s a long time! Maybe it’s a second showing? Someone wanting to look again and schedule time with their realtor to make an offer?” But then realistically people probably just scheduled to see a lot of other houses and didn’t want to be pressed for time. Understandable.

It’s just aggravating to not have any offers. Then yet again, it might be so much of a better investment long term to rent. So it’s a win-win. If April comes, which is when our contract with our realtor expires, we will have to rent.

I can’t believe how exhausting this is. I know even a month from now it’ll all seem like it went by so quickly. But in the moment, it has felt like forever. And all the “nos” we’ve had on the house are so aggravating. No matter how hard I try not to, I always get my hopes up then am so let down when the realtor doesn’t call with an offer. They always like it, but don’t have the money, aren’t ready to buy or aren’t sure about the carpets. The first two (not having the money or not ready to buy) REALLY bother me.

Now I understand the whole “serious buyers only” thing. It’s super aggravating to hear that, especially when you spend hours making your house look super nice for someone.

In one week though, things will be different. Drastically different. I can’t wait. There’s so much to do in the next seven days, it’s going to feel like forever.

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