Baby Tooth

Hi. My name is Tracey. I am going to be 26 years old at the end of March and yes, I have a baby tooth.

This is one of the many strange things about my dental situation. Here’s a little “fun fact about Tracey” blog for you.

When most kids were losing their teeth at five and six, I didn’t lose my first one until I was nine. And the others came out slowly. Very slowly. Some didn’t really come out  at all.

I got braces in the sixth grade and in order to keep things going, my dentist literally had to pull I’d say around eight teeth.

Maybe six.

Six to eight.

Some were pulled with a numbing shot, but there were a couple already lose ones that I said screw it, just pull it and get it over with. (Well, not word for word, but yeah. You get the picture). It was always the ones that weren’t lose at all that were the worst. The pulling…tugging…

I’m sure you’re cringing already, so I’ll stop.

Here’s the next part of the “fun facts” on me was that most of my back teeth never came in.

“Oh, but you’ll have wisdom teeth, maybe you’ll be the only person to benefit from them!”

NOPE. Didn’t get those either.

My dentist/orthodontist (all-in-one) is incredible. My teeth themselves weren’t bad, but he lasered my gum line and put veneers on my front four so they filled out nicely the night the top braces came off.

Then with the fun help of braces, he pulled all my teeth forward.  You’d never know that I only have two molars on each side on the top and one molar each on the bottom.

Not sure how many you’re supposed to have, feel around with your tongue and count your own. I’ve got six.

I did have three on the top of one side at one point, but since there wasn’t a tooth below it, it’s just started coming out on it’s own. Those were really interesting x-rays to look at. You couldn’t see it since it was so far in the back, and it was going to fall out completely eventually, so he pulled it a few years ago.

And finally, out of my six molars is one baby tooth.

That’s right.

I’m almost 26 and I have a baby tooth.

I hear that’s actually a real thing with more than just me and there are other people out there with baby teeth. That’s cool, I guess.

But I worry sometimes, especially when there’s a sensitivity. It can be sensitivity with any of my back teeth, it just reminds me that I have a baby tooth. And baby teeth are made to fall out. This would be somewhat noticeable if it came out and dental insurance doesn’t cover implants. Or at least it didn’t awhile ago. We tried. It’s a lot of money for a tooth implant.

They called it a “cosmetic” surgery. Sure, it is. Except for when the teeth just never came in at all. You learn to live with what you’ve got.

I digress.

My dentist hasn’t been worried about it. He’s so great, his response is, “If it happens, don’t worry, I will fix it.” It’ll come with a cost, but he’s been my only dentist ever, so I’m sure he’d work with me.

So yeah, that’s my mouth. In a nutshell. Fun fact.

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