They liked it! They really really liked it!

No, we didn’t get an offer. We did, however, have a successful open house.

Our realtor said about five or six groups of people came and surprisingly didn’t make a stink about the carpet. No one really did. One person didn’t really have any complaints, so when our realtor asked, his response was “…well, it doesn’t have a fence.”

Other people commended our decor, so much so that they weren’t sure if they could make it look the way it does now. We like that compliment, and everything is negotiable.

But there was this girl and her mom. The girl, who was married with a baby, came with her mother. I guess her mom picked it apart, in a bad way. The girl, however, really liked it. Like, really liked it.

Other than the carpet and maybe wall colors, all of which can be changed, what’s there to like? Nothing can go seriously wrong. It’s 10 years old. It has a new roof, gutters, window screens, fixtures, dishwasher, etc. Then there are all the upgrades too such as the ceiling fans, custom lighting or faux wood blinds.

Hopefully this girl can get passed whatever her mom’s complaints are, bring her husband in and make the decision for herself.

We shall see.

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